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Connectria Is Now an AWS Premier Partner




March 31, 2022

Connectria is now an AWS Premier Tier Partner

We’re proud to announce that Connectria has achieved Premier Consulting Partner status in the AWS Partner Network (APN)!

Connectria is an AWS Premier Tier Consulting and Managed Services Partner

Reaching Premier status puts us in an elite category among the highest tier of AWS partners, based on our record of delivering meaningful results for AWS customers. But, reaching AWS Premier status is just the beginning, and we’re so excited to continue our AWS journey to deliver the highest level of consulting, professional services, and managed services to our customers.

Becoming a Premier Partner

To earn AWS Premier Consulting Partner status, a company must complete a rigorous approval process through accreditations and certifications. They must have extensive expertise in deploying customer solutions on AWS and also need to demonstrate a long-term investment in their relationship with AWS. Additionally, AWS Premier Consulting Partners also have a strong team of AWS Trained & Certified technical experts and deep expertise in project management and professional services.

AWS Premier Consulting Partners are the most experienced partners and are recognized as leaders in their respective geographical, vertical, or horizontal markets. They have deep technical expertise with multiple partner program validations and demonstrated success working with a large number of customers at scale.

Achieving AWS Premier Consulting Partner status places Connectria in a select group of the top 1% of AWS Partners globally. Furthermore, it distinguishes us as an AWS Partner who consistently demonstrates expertise in understanding customer needs and helping them leverage AWS to:

  • Architect
  • Build
  • Migrate
  • Modernize
  • Manage Workloads

We also possess the unique ability to help SMBs and enterprises leverage AWS in a hybrid architecture alongside traditional workloads running on IBM Power Systems. As a top-tier AWS partner, we will have new dedicated resources at our disposal to further support customers in their cloud journey with our hybrid solution as well as cloud security and compliance.

Embracing Hybrid Architecture

Our IBM with AWS hybrid cloud offering also played a part in deepening our partner relationship with AWS. This solution delivers a unique opportunity to leverage existing IBM Power Systems investments with the hyperscale cloud benefits of AWS.

Essentially, we provide the heavy lifting by assuming full responsibility for the operational health of the IBM Power System environment. The offering provides migration and modernization pathways for IBM i and AIX customers looking to modernize mission-critical workloads over time with less risk. Ultimately, it provides opportunities to augment existing legacy applications in new ways or develop new applications that desire to leverage legacy processes and data.

This solution leverages distinct areas of expertise for both Connectria and AWS to present a unified solution to empower customers’ cloud journey. It is just one example of the extensive relationship between Connectria and AWS.

From Launch Partner to Premier

We began our journey with AWS in 2013 as a launch partner for their Managed Service Provider (MSP) program and in less than one year, we achieved Advanced Consulting Partner status. After years of managed services growth, we acquired WSM International in 2019 to deepen our professional services capabilities and deliver cloud migration and digital transformation services for organizations of all sizes. In 2020, Connectria achieved AWS Migration Competency status, highlighting our ability to support large-scale cloud migration projects.

In 2021, we made a strategic multi-million-dollar investment in two new data centers to enable an innovative, low latency hybrid architecture with AWS for IBM Power Systems. This solution enables IBM Power Systems customers to address skill and staffing challenges, support data center exit strategies with a simple lift and shift motion and provide opportunities to modernize business-critical workloads.

Today, we proudly serve over 1,000 customers across 35 countries who leverage the benefits of an AWS practice that includes numerous competencies such as Healthcare, Migration, Audited MSP, DevOps, Well-Architected Framework, and more.

What’s Next?

As we continue to grow our business and expand our capabilities with AWS, we’re making sure that we can support all of the cutting-edge AWS services and workloads our customers are leveraging. Whether you’re looking to modernize traditional infrastructure, like IBM i or AIX, strengthen your security and compliance posture with around-the-clock monitoring and threat prevention, or build and manage cutting-edge applications that take advantage of the latest and greatest AWS technology, we’re there to help.

“Thank you to everyone who has come along with us on this journey to becoming an AWS Premier partner. I’m very proud of our team and their relentless pursuit of delighting our clients in every phase of their cloud journey. This is a tremendous accomplishment and a testament to our ongoing commitment to helping customers harness the value of AWS. Our deep expertise with security and compliance, IBM Power Systems, and an ever-expanding eco-system of AWS products and services is at the heart of our success in helping customers innovate and transform their business in ways never before imagined with AWS.”

Amar Patel, Connectria CEO.  

Contact us today to discover how our new AWS capabilities can work for your business. We’ll connect you with one of our AWS solution experts to answer your questions and help you get started on your own AWS journey.

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