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Connecting today’s infrastructure with tomorrow’s world.

Our award-winning IBM Power Systems cloud, now available on-net with AWS.

Award winning managed services, cloud migration, and cloud hosting trusted by over 1,000 companies worldwide

The Clouds We Support


With over 1,000 IBM i workloads under management, Connectria is the largest, most-trusted IBM i (AS/400 / iSeries) Cloud & Managed Service Provider (MSP) in North America.

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Delivering fully audited HIPAA & PCI compliant solutions in AWS, with support for instance-based computing, server-less computing, containers and much more.

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Offering 24×7 expert management & support of complex Azure workloads, with full performance management, security & compliance, and cost optimization.

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Customized managed AIX hosting solutions that meet your unique requirements delivering performance, reliability and security for your mission-critical data.

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Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products.

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As a VMware enterprise service provider, Connectria provides VMware hosting to customers of all sizes as a recognized leader in cloud computing.

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Award-Winning IBM Managed Services

Connectria provides world-class managed services for IBM systems, including Private Hosting, Remote Management, Disaster Recovery, and more. Our commitment to the IBM Power Systems Platform speaks for itself:

The average tenure of our IBM engineers is 20+ years
We’ve served as the past chair of the IBM i LUG (Large User Group)
We’re an independent contributor to the IBM R&D team
We’re a 4X recipient of the IBM Beacon Award for HIPAA Compliant Private Cloud
We manage more than 1,000 IBM LPARs for businesses around the world

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Manage Any Cloud From One Pane Of Glass

TRiA Cloud Management Platform is the only tool that allows you to manage AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM i, AIX, VMware, Linux and Windows workloads, with visibility across all of your clouds. TRiA includes advanced cost-optimization to ensure you’re minimizing waste and unnecessary cost, along with continuous security compliance against a wide range of security frameworks including HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, NIST and ISO 27001 among others. When issues or anomalies occur, TRiA can provide automatic notifications and complete remediation without human intervention. This includes event logging to popular tools like ServiceNow, PagerDuty, Slack and Jira.

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“Working with Connectria and AWS has allowed us to bring the focus back to product development. At this point, we barely think about infrastructure. We don’t worry about it and that’s gotten us about 80% of our time back to focus on our customers and the products we build.” Raj Cherry, VP of Technology & Architecture
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“We were comfortable with Connectria because they had already exhibited a level of professionalism that you don’t find a lot of places. I don’t know if it’s Connectria’s ‘No Jerks Policy’ that makes the difference, but their people are extremely talented, and we really enjoy working with them. When we call, we never get the grumpy IT guy that seems to be so common elsewhere.” Alicia Hart Executive Director of Litigation Support and Technology Services
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“Adding headcount was not in our plan. We wanted to make sure we chose a partner that had a deep bench, so we didn’t have to worry about maintaining those skills in house.” Brian White Sr. Manager of Applications and Product Management
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