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IBM Power Application Modernization

A strategic approach to application modernization designed to help you accelerate digital transformation and unlock the value of your legacy applications. 

Transform legacy IBM Power and AS/400 applications

Digital transformation is essential for businesses to remain competitive and relevant in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Staying ahead of the curve requires a shift in organizational culture and mindset to a more agile, data-driven approach that aligns application strategy around business value and human-centered outcomes. 

App Rationalization

We work with you to identify opportunities to reduce TCO, streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve agility through modernization.

Cloud Strategy

We provide a validated business case, ROI calculation, and projected cloud demand and spend that guides your cloud adoption and modernization strategy. From there, we help you choose the right hyperscale cloud provider, and provide the migration solution for each application.

App Modernization

We provide a variety of application modernization services based on a data-driven assessment of your application portfolio and goals, including rehosting, replatforming, refactoring, rewriting, and retiring applications.


Our team helps drive the adoption of low-code/no-code platforms to further reduce TCO and help improve collaboration, governance, and agility.

Accelerate digital transformation

Don’t let legacy applications prevent your organization from adopting new technologies or responding to changing market conditions.

Data shows that 80% of executives believe that their organization needs to accelerate their digital transformation in order to keep up with competition. By delivering a proven framework for legacy application modernization, our team can help you form a strategy to accelerate digital transformation, unlock the potential of your applications, and remediate the security, technical, and business risks associated with maintaining legacy systems.

  • Establish a data-driven approach to modernization
  • Create business alignment around cloud use cases
  • Define a clear modernization framework for your legacy IBM Power and AS/400 applications
  • Identify opportunities for hybrid and cloud-native architectures that improve efficiency and agility

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