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Run traditional IBM i and AIX workloads on-net with AWS.

Accelerate cloud adoption and get out of the data center with an end-to-end, fully managed hybrid cloud solution for IBM i, AIX, and AWS. No refactoring required.

  IBM i, AIX, and AS/400 managed hybrid cloud hosting    Full hybrid cloud managed services (NOC and SOC)    End-to-end migration capabilities

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IBM Power Systems and AWS Hybrid Cloud

Our award-winning IBM Power Systems cloud.
Now available on-net with AWS.



Centralized management

Bringing IBM i, AIX, and AWS together helps you centralize and simplify the management of your infrastructure. You can streamline operations, reduce your data center footprint, and free up IT resources by leveraging our managed services for your IBM workloads, your AWS workloads, or both.

Bring legacy IT and cloud workloads together in fully managed hybrid cloud environment.



Enable new possibilities

Running your IBM i or AIX based workloads on-net with AWS opens up a variety of possibilities like improved reliability and HA configurations, improved disaster recovery, and access to modern data analytics, IoT, AI/ML, and other cloud services that can significantly increase the capabilities of your applications.

Leverage multi-region HA configurations and add IoT, AI/ML and other capabilities to your IBM workloads.



Exit the data center

More than 80% of IBM Power Systems workloads are running alongside x86 infrastructure in the same data center. We’ll migrate both the IBM Power Systems and x86 infrastructure so you can reduce your data center footprint and lower your TCO by leveraging optimized AWS native services.

Accelerate cloud adoption with a comprehensive data center exit plan for your IBM i and x86 servers.

How it Works

Achieve ultra-low latency between IBM Power Systems and AWS

Our IBM Cloud is hosted on-net with AWS cloud regions in US-East-1 and US-West-1, allowing for <2ms latency direct connections between your IBM i/AIX workloads and AWS instances.

This low latency connection opens up new possibilities for your Power Systems investments with high availability deployments, advanced user experiences, and sophisticated data analytics with AWS cloud services. It also creates the perfect foundation for longer term cloud migration goals, without refactoring your IBM workloads.



  • Fully customizable IBM i, AIX and AWS implementations
  • You build the applications, we build and manage the infrastructure and provide full 24×7×365 AWS and IBM i/AIX managed services
  • We provide the connectivity between the Power Systems and AWS environment. Your IBM LPARs and AWS instances will be on the same secured network with ultra low latency (<2ms) speeds
  • High performance IBM POWER9 and NVMe flash storage
  • O/S support for v7R2, v7R3, v7R4 with O/S upgrade support services available for v5R4 through v7R1
  • Extensive system migration options including minimal outage solutions for mission critical 24×7 operations
  • Zero downtime backups available and custom backup retention periods for compliance or business requirements
  • Data center compliance with regulatory standards like PCI, SOC, HIPAA/HITECH, HITRUST, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, Bill 198, FERPA, FISMA and others.
  • DR replication including physical and/or logical replication with full monitoring and management
  • Includes TRiA, our comprehensive cloud management platform to help you optimize your system performance, while minimizing your cloud spend and securing your infrastructure

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See what customers are saying about working with Connectria

“There aren’t very many options that still have a native IBM i platform support and a more modern dedicated cloud. What initially jumped off the page in terms of Connectria was just that. There are a lot of folks that can do one or the other, and others partnering to deliver a hybrid IT solution, but not very many that can do what Connectria can natively with their full-time staff onsite.”

Trey Willis CTO,
CTSI Global

“Our total experience in moving from an on-premise V5R4 system to the IBM i 7.2 Cloud was spectacular. Honestly it could not have gone any better. And the response from our end users was an immediate, noticeable improvement.”

Greg Tipton CIO, Americas,

‘Working with Connectria and AWS has allowed us to bring the focus back to product development. At this point, we barely have to think about infrastructure.”

Raj Cherry VP of Technology and Architecture,
Triumph Learning

“In the 20 plus years I’ve worked in IT, the money spent on Connectria services is the best I’ve ever spent, without a doubt.”

Mike Panos Director of Server Infrastructure
Tiffany & Co.

“Connectria has exceeded our expectations. Their expert remote management has helped us streamline and automate our processes, delivering tangible savings.”

Eric Hanson Director of IT
Milwaukee Electric Tool

“Partnering with Connectria allows us to move faster and be more responsive to our customers, which increases our customer’s satisfaction.”

William White Co-founder & CTO

“Connectria’s customer focus really resonated with us because it matched the way we do business with our customers, and it made us feel confident in choosing a cloud provider with these same values.”

Lou Takacs VP of Product Development

“I haven’t found many vendors who are as flexible in understanding our needs as well as controlling costs. Connectria really demonstrated this understanding and willingness to partner with us.”

Rob Pock CEO & Founder
TCS Healthcare Technologies

“We could just tell that security and compliance was at the core of what Connectria was doing.”

Brad Reimer Chief Information Officer

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