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Our RPG development resources are by your side to support you when you need it, helping you fill organization skill gaps and improve the performance of your mission-critical applications.

Maximize your IBM i investment with RPG development services

Maximize the potential of your applications and IBM i infrastructure with our range of solutions for development, maintenance, modernization, and support. Our experienced RPG programmers create efficient, secure, and user-friendly applications and can provide a wide range of development services including:

  •  Development
  • Code analysis
  • Debugging
  • Integrations
  • Package software support
  • User interfaces
  • PTF application
  • Modernization
  • Migration
  • Code conversion
  • Implementation
  • Documentation

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Access talented RPG developers whenever you need them

Add highly skilled RPG developers to your team when you need them. Our team offers versatile support that can be tailored to your specific needs, including UI, database, programming, and more. Whether you require day-to-day support or project-based assistance, our team is equipped to provide the support you need.

  • 5x IBM Beacon and IBM Think Award Winners
  • 1,000+ IBM i LPARs Under Management
  • 40+ IBM i Admins and Engineers
  • Largest IBM Cloud Provider in North America

Ensure the longevity of your critical applications

Legacy RPG applications often suffer from inadequate documentation. We offer application and user documentation services to ensure that the crucial details of your application are accurately captured and preserved. With our RPG development services, you can be confident that any developer’s notes or comments will be documented for reference, ensuring the longevity and maintainability of your application.

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Modernize your applications with RPG code conversion

Modernizing your RPG based applications opens up wider development access, increased agility in building and integrating new features, improved efficiency, reduced operational costs, and much more. Once your code is converted, our rigorous comparison process ensures that the converted code maintains complete continuity while delivering improved functionality and optimal performance.

We can provide code conversion for: RPG, RPGIV, RPGLE, and RPG Free

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