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Connectria is a global technology solutions provider helping future-focused businesses migrate, manage, and modernize their mission-critical technology infrastructure.

Our vision and purpose

At Connectria, our vision extends beyond the horizon, where the future of business seamlessly unites the legacies of the past with the possibilities of tomorrow. We see a technology landscape where the transformative potential of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions ignites a fire of innovation and fuels the growth of enterprises worldwide.

We are architects of connection, helping businesses imagine a world where legacy systems are not a hindrance but a stepping stone to progress. The road to modernization can be daunting, but we pave it with experience, expertise, and a vision of what’s possible. We are the bridge—a symbol of resilience and innovation. We bridge the gap between where you’ve been, burdened by the weight of legacy infrastructure, and the dynamic, multi-cloud future ahead. Our mission is defined by connection, by our dedication to uniting businesses with the expertise and vision they need to thrive in a world where change is the only constant.

We believe in a brighter, more connected future, where the challenges of today become the opportunities of tomorrow.

As we envision this future, we see a world where technology isn’t just a tool but a force for positive change. We see businesses not held back by legacy infrastructure but propelled forward by their vision. We see a landscape where the scale and agility of cloud is not a luxury but a necessity for sustainable growth. And in the heart of this vision, you’ll find Connectria, your partner to a brighter, more connected future.

Our History

From a small infrastructure consulting business to a leading multi-cloud solutions provider. See how we’ve grown and what we’ve accomplished over the last twenty-five years in business.


Connectria Achieves AWS Premier Tier Status


Connectria Celebrates 25th Company Anniversary


Connectria Wins Excellence Award at IBM Think


Connectria Achieves HITRUST CSF


Connectria Launches IBM on-net with AWS


Connectria Achieves Azure Gold Cloud Platform Competency


Connectria Launches TRiA Cloud Management Platform


Connectria Launches AWS Managed Services


Connectria’s Customer Base Grows to 500+ Aross 20 Countries


Connectria Celebrates 100 Customers


Connectria Launches as an Infrastructure Consulting Firm

How we’re helping customers realize their cloud vision

We’re proud to be helping customers around the world accelerate innovation and cloud adoption.

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