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May 25, 2023

Many IT leaders are challenged to find the cloud support their business needs. Organizational timelines for cloud adoption, cloud migration, and cloud maturity are being impacted by the inability to hire and retain people with the necessary qualifications. There are many reasons for the skills gap from an insufficient number of trained people to meet demand, plus a globalized market for talent.

Not only is it challenging to find trained support, but also experienced support as well. According to Gartner, IT executives see the talent shortage as the most significant adoption barrier to 64% of emerging technologies. IT executives cited talent availability as the main adoption risk factor for the majority of IT automation technologies and nearly half of digital workplace technologies.

Closing the Cloud Skills Gap

Currently, there’s a significant lack of available cloud expertise, cloud literacy, and FTE support available in the job market. With increasing cloud adoption and other forces driving modernization efforts, how can you get ahead?

First, you can leverage the AWS Partner Network (APN), which is a global community of partners that leverages programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings. AWS Partners are uniquely positioned to help you take full advantage of all that AWS has to offer. Their support can accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Next, you can engage a managed services provider (MSP), like Connectria. MSPs are able to fill the technical skills gap, enabling your team to focus on other strategic initiatives. Hiring and onboarding can be both time-consuming and more expensive than engaging an MSP. At Connectria we’ve consolidated cloud expertise into a comprehensive and cost-effective package that is easy for businesses to tap into. We provide instant business agility and reliability.

Organizations have their own motivations when it comes to cloud migration. At the heart of those motivations is the desire to embrace the benefits of the cloud from agility, security, and lower costs. Amazon Web Services (AWS) understands this and provides support through qualified partners and their Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).

What is MAP?

MAP is a comprehensive and proven cloud migration program designed by AWS to help you prepare and successfully execute your AWS migration. This partner-led program was created to provide the necessary support, training, and services to reduce cloud migration risks, build a strong operational foundation, and lower migration costs. MAP uses a proven three-phased framework to help you achieve your migration goals.

AWS migration phases

It starts with an assessment to determine baseline capabilities and build a TCO model for your migration project. The mobilize phase then helps you build an operational foundation for your migration, providing clear guidance on migration plans that improve the success of your migration. Finally, the migrate and modernize phase is where you execute the large-scale migration plan.

 The Value of MAP

MAP also provides tools that automate and accelerate execution, reduce costs, as well as tailored training content and expertise from partners in the APN. Through MAP, you can build strong AWS cloud foundations, accelerate and reduce risk, and offset the initial cost of migrations. Additionally, MAP helps identify which cloud provider best fits your organization’s unique needs and desired outcomes.

AWS Partners, like Connectria, can help you access different funding benefits to help you do more with AWS. These funding benefits are tailored to meet your business needs and support you with migrations or modernizations of any size or workload. AWS Partners may receive funding in the form of cash or AWS Promotional Credits depending on the specific funding option. Best of all, these funds are available at each phase of your migration journey.

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Added Value of AWS Competencies

AWS also has an experienced partner ecosystem with thousands of partners seeking to assist companies at various phases of their cloud journey. Connectria is one of a select few that has achieved AWS Migration Competency status.

This designation recognizes Connectria for having extensive migration experience and expertise. Both of these skills are necessary to help customers successfully plan and execute their move to AWS. It also provides Connectria with the authorization to deliver the many benefits of MAP to companies seeking to make the move to AWS.

Cloud Skills Secured

Ultimately, our goal is to help deliver available funding and ensure a successful migration. Wherever you are in your AWS cloud journey, there are programs designed to help simplify and expedite the process. Connect the dots between the three migration phases and available funding support with help from one of our experts.


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