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As a leading AWS Consulting Partner & Audited Managed Service provider, Connectria’s broad suite of AWS services has helped hundreds of organizations successfully move to the cloud, and continually optimize their AWS environments, ultimately freeing up IT resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.  Our services include: Cloud Readiness Assessments, Cloud Migrations, Application Transformations, DevOps Management, 24/7 Performance Management, Continuous Security & Compliance, Cost Optimization




Finding and retaining AWS talent is a challenge we all face.  Our teams of experts can help plan, design, build, and deploy AWS resources customized for your individual needs.

Security & Compliance

24×7 comprehensive AWS security monitoring to ensure your applications and data are protected while using tools to continuously meet compliance standards such as HIPAA and PCI.  The same approach will also help meet any governance and control requirements for your environment.

Managed Operations

24×7 advanced AWS monitoring & support to ensure that your AWS environment is always up and running.  We take on the task of operating your AWS cloud, so you can get back spending time on what is more valuable to your company.

Cost Optimization

Maximize your ROI with the visibility provided from real-time usage monitoring of resources. We continuously examine your environment to discover cost savings and introduce architectural efficiencies to increase performance.

“Working with Connectria and AWS has allowed us to bring the focus back to product development. At this point, we barely think about infrastructure. We don’t worry about it and that’s gotten us about 80% of our time back to focus on our customers and the products we build.”

Raj Cherry Triumph Learning

“We could just tell security and compliance was at the core of what Connectria was doing, they understood it, it was how they built their own system, their own cloud platform and took that same knowledge and experience to the AWS Cloud.”

Brad Reimer CIO DocuTAP

“From a company standpoint, partnering with Connectria allows us to move faster and be more responsive to our customers, which increases our customer’s satisfaction.”

William White Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tensoft

“Connectria is undeniably one of the leaders within the Managed AWS market….not many vendors can do what they do.”

Patrick McCollum ATSG Corporation

“Their people are extremely talented, and we really enjoy working with them. When we call, we never get the grumpy IT guy that seems to be so common elsewhere.”

Alicia Hart Executive Director of Litigation Support and Technology Services, Pohlman
Managing your Amazon EC2 with Windows Environment

While Amazon EC2 makes it easy to start and run your Windows-based instances, many organizations underestimate the importance and degree of ongoing management involved to ensure they run securely and smoothly.

In fact, the lack of fully managed services on most public clouds can mean failure. Our managed services relieve the burden of ongoing maintenance and management,  giving you complete visibility of your infrastructure through the TRiA cloud management platform, and ultimately giving you peace of mind.

TRiA Cloud Management Platform

Getting control of your clouds has never been easier.

With TRiA you see what we see. Working from the same set of information fosters collaboration as our engineers work with yours to optimize your cloud environments for performance, security & compliance, and costs.

Plus, TRiA gives you visibility into all your cloud environments, including those not managed by Connectria, from a single dashboard.

Learn more about TRiA for AWS

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