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Keys to Cloud Success in 2022




April 12, 2022

The cloud infrastructure market is booming, with public cloud services growing at a rate of almost 20% per year. This growth is being driven by the increasing demand for cloud-based solutions, which offer organizations a number of advantages over traditional on-premises infrastructure. Such benefits include lower costs, greater scalability, and improved flexibility and agility.

Public cloud services are especially popular among smaller organizations that lack the resources to build and operate their own data centers. Additionally, the growing popularity of cloud-based applications and services is also contributing to the growth of the cloud infrastructure market. With cloud usage growing so rapidly, cloud migration projects remain a high priority for many organizations.

Firstly, an appropriate discovery and planning process, and a detailed migration plan, are essential to ensure a successful cloud migration. In order to truly take advantage of all the automation, AI, and other cost and time-saving capabilities of the public cloud, you also need a team of cloud experts working behind the scenes to support your environments.

It’s good to remember that you should always walk before you run, otherwise you might stumble and fall. Even with all of the opportunities of the cloud, those benefits mean nothing if managed improperly. It’s also good to stay informed of all the goings-on and better yet, what predictions have become mainstays. In this article, I will examine some recent predictions around the cloud that have become reality.

Cloud Technology

As with any technology gaining such widespread adoption, new advances and evolutions must be considered when planning for success. What was cutting-edge and exclusively available to select companies, has now become table stakes for everyone in a short amount of time. Certain capabilities and features of the cloud that seemed new and advanced as recently as last year are now commonly accepted best practices for everyone.

Cloud hosting is constantly evolving, and it’s important to stay up to date on the latest advances in order to take advantage of the many benefits of the cloud. As you embark on your own cloud discovery and planning initiatives, consider the technologies now available that seemed out of reach not long ago. Below are a few of the latest advances in cloud technology:

Current Cloud Advancements

  1. Edge computing – Edge computing is a type of distributed computing in which data and applications are stored and processed closer to the devices that generate or use them. This can help reduce latency and improve performance for cloud-based applications. With more and more applications requiring a global footprint without sacrificing performance, edge computing offers a solution that, until recently, was limited to only those with big budgets or their own infrastructure.
  2. Hybrid cloud – A hybrid cloud environment is one in which some applications and data are hosted on-premises, while others are hosted in the cloud. This approach offers the best of both worlds. Blending public cloud performance with private cloud security gives the scalability and resilience you need.
  3. Kubernetes – Kubernetes is a popular open-source platform for managing containerized applications. This technology has become a popular choice for deploying cloud-based applications and services. While Kubernetes has been around for a few years, adoption has increased significantly in the last year as microservices become more popular with developers.
  4. Serverless – Serverless computing is a cloud-based computing model. In this model, applications are hosted on a cloud platform, and server resources are provided on an as-needed basis. This approach can save you money on infrastructure costs, as they only pay for the resources they use.

Cloud Management

Each of the technologies above presents opportunities for cloud success. That success varies from business to business and includes improvements such as improved operations and efficiency. Automated cloud management tools can further ensure cloud success by making it easier to manage cloud environments. These tools also help ensure compliance with cloud security best practices. While public and private cloud providers alike offer dashboards and useful tools, automating cloud management frees up time and resources that can be focused on transformation and growth.

Connectria has TRiA, a single management platform for your entire infrastructure. With our cloud management platform, you can manage, automate, and monitor everything from IBM i, AIX, and x86—to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.


Partnerships Role in Cloud Growth

In many cases, the best way to stay at the leading edge of technology is through partnership.  If you were to build, test, and deploy technology like those listed above on your own, the time and financial investment would be substantial. Furthermore, building new technology requires expertise, testing, iteration, and improvement. With the right partner, however, accessing new technology and staying ahead of the curve is simple.

To understand how partnerships can benefit organizations of all sizes when it comes to the cloud, look no further than the public cloud itself. Before large public cloud providers, individual organizations were left to build their own infrastructure. This meant investing in not just servers and switches, but also security and connectivity.  The investment and time required to stand up infrastructure for any size organization were prohibitively expensive. Leveraging partnership with a cloud provider, fully managed infrastructure is only a few clicks away.

This type of partnership continues to be available as cloud capabilities continue to evolve and grow. Connectria partners with mid-market businesses and small enterprises to make cutting-edge cloud capabilities a reality. By leveraging a partnership with Connectia, your organization can access the most advanced cloud technology with a trusted partner by your side.

Getting the Most Out of the Cloud

To get the most out of the cloud, it’s important to be aware of these advancements as you and your team decide what solutions are best to implement into your own environment. Cloud migration projects are still a high priority for many organizations, and cloud adoption has changed dramatically in just a few years.

Connectria is a cloud services provider that can help your organization migrate to the cloud. Furthermore, our team of experienced engineers and technicians can help you take advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer. We offer a wide range of cloud services, including public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions. We also offer managed services, which can help you reduce costs and optimize your cloud infrastructure.

Contact Connectria below to learn more about how we can help you move to the cloud and take advantage of all its benefits.


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