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ACP Decisions Leverages Connectria to Advance into a Full Enterprise Solution in AWS



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ACP Decisions (ACP) is a non-profit foundation with a mission to empower patients, their families, and their caregivers to make informed medical decisions. ACP partners with healthcare organizations to implement patient-centered advance care planning.

They leverage professionally crafted video decision aids to facilitate shared decision-making for advance care planning, serious illness care, palliative care, and end-of-life care. The ACP video library currently consists of over 400 videos, available in over 20 languages.

ACP chose to leverage Connectria as its managed services provider (MSP). Connectria supports ACP’s advanced operational, security, and compliance support, as well as its AWS cost optimization services for its existing AWS environment. Connectria’s AWS Enterprise support is unrestricted, meaning we support and handle all AWS support components from hands-on keyboarding assistance to the overall care and feeding for the AWS environment including cost optimization, patching, backups, and day-to-day environment maintenance.


ACP was founded in 2010 with the purpose of empowering patients and their families. Its technology platform has matured out of its infancy and was poised for considerable growth. ACP approached Connectria for support and assistance in transitioning its technology platform away from its initial product developers and into an enterprise solution with AWS. Furthermore, ACP required expert assistance to enhance security, strengthen resources, refine methods, and improve general processes.

“Previously, our technology stack was primed for growth. We were looking at pushing that forward in order to sustain a large, dynamic, and growing user base. In 2022, ACP Decisions is becoming a bigger part of the healthcare ecosystem. This creates a number of challenges and unique requirements that our current environment was unable to meet,” says Cynthia Garde, ACP Chief Technology Officer.


Connectria stepped in to help ACP Decisions transition from a relatively simple cloud infrastructure in Rackspace, with a production and staging server and one database server, to a full enterprise solution in AWS with independent development, staging, and production environments. The full environment enhancement included updates to existing RDS and EC2 instances and adding additional resources to better support ACP’s applications.


Connectria successfully deployed managed services onto ACP’s environment including integration with our Cloud Management platform TRiA. The Connectria team also performed a review of the existing infrastructure, documenting a list of recommendations to track opportunities for environmental optimization and improvement. From the initial onboarding to managed support for the previously existing environment, Connectria’s professional services team also stepped in to configure AWS Systems Manager for the ACP account.

“If at any point I needed direct access, to speak with someone on the phone, I was able to call Connectria’s NOC and get connected to an engineer able to provide immediate answers. Overall, we’re really happy with our support from Connectria. Our Account Manager, James, is adept at helping us and understanding our needs. Connectria has a longstanding reputation and will be pivotal in helping us advance to the next step and achieve our ultimate infrastructure goals,” says Garde.

About ACP Decisions

ACP Decisions partners with healthcare organizations to implement patient-centered advance care planning. Our video decision support tools are professionally crafted after a rigorous review by leading experts in medicine, geriatrics, oncology, cardiology, ethics, and decision-making.

ACP Decisions has more than 400 evidence-based video decision support tools that promote effective advance care planning and are easily accessible on a user-friendly technology platform. If your organization is interested in implementing an advanced care planning initiative or improving your current efforts, let’s talk!

For more information visit www.acpdecisions.org



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