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How AWS Managed Services Empower Evrgrn Industries



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Founded in 2019, EVRGRN Industries (EVRGRN) is an experienced and successful loan servicing solution. EVRGRN offers a wide combination of solution sets that support client-centric models. It is focused on providing partners with leading-edge technology without sacrificing frictionless loan servicing solutions.

EVRGRN provides highly functional guidance to companies for both its possible software needs and development to help sharpen any roadmap or strategic plan. EVRGRN’s products and services are drawn from the company’s experience in consumer and commercial lending, digital marketing, and enterprise business transformations.

EVRGRN partnered with Connectria in 2022, leveraging AWS Managed Services support for an existing Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment.


EVRGRN’s business is centered around common-sense practices and principles taking into account today’s credit environments. With a smaller dedicated team focusing on customer needs, EVRGRN needed help filling internal gaps in AWS expertise and support, as well as additional security and compliance support.

“A primary driving factor for EVRGRN to work with Connectria was the benefit of having AWS expertise in its back pocket. Connectria has a much deeper knowledge of AWS services and support than EVRGRN had available in-house,” Aileen Curtin, Connectria, Senior Solutions Delivery Analyst.


Connectria took over the management of EVRGRN’s AWS environment, optimizing it in the process to adhere to the most current best practices. EVRGRN’s environment adheres to SOC2 compliance and supports EVRGRN’s end customers in a single-tenant configuration with each customer segmented by virtual private cloud (VPC).

The existing platform was successfully transitioned to Connectria AWS managed services which provides advanced operational, advanced security and compliance, and cost optimization support. EVRGRN’s internal teams and resources are focused primarily on providing customer solutions, while Connectria is able to support to scale their resources and provide comprehensive AWS managed services which include but are not limited to:
• Application control, availability, and traffic flow optimization
• Systems administration services for AWS instances
• O/S management services
• Vulnerability scanning
• And more


Connectria provided a seamless transition to AWS managed services making EVRGRN’s existing environment more secure and compliant. Connectria made it easier for EVRGRN to manage its own AWS environment, with robust responsiveness to any questions and tickets. Now EVRGRN has the AWS managed services and security support it was looking for.

“The EVRGRN team has better cloud confidence, thanks to Connectria.” Andrew Link, Sr. Policy & Information Director.


Our products and tools change the traditional underwriting process by creating seamless end-user experiences that deliver better efficiency and more effective outcomes. EVRGRN offers a comprehensive combination of solution sets that support client-centric models. We focus on providing partners with leading-edge technology without sacrificing frictionless loan servicing solutions.

EVRGRN and its platform is centered around the experience and vision molded by its leader’s practical learnings and experiences. These have been encapsulated and put into practice for nearly 25 years in consumer and commercial lending, digital marketing, enterprise business transformations, software development, and global strategic leadership positions.




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