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Lux Research Reins in AWS Management, Security, and Compliance with Connectria Managed Services






Lux Research (Lux) is a research/data company specializing in data science consultation services, collection, and analysis. As a leading provider of tech-enabled research and advisory solutions, Lux helps clients drive growth through technology innovation.

Lux uniquely combines technical expertise and business insights with a proprietary intelligence platform, a pioneer in the research industry, using advanced analytics and data science to surface true leading indicators. With quality data derived from primary research, fact-based analysis, and opinions that challenge traditional thinking, Lux clients are empowered to make more informed decisions today to ensure future success.

Lux employees, or “Luxers”, are passionate about deep tech with a devoted team comprised of data scientists, engineers, and research experts dedicated to working with clients to discover and deliver their next big innovative ideas. Lux promises the “Lux Difference” in helping global organizations avoid hype, mitigate risk, and accelerate growth. It offers customers the trusted analysis needed to make the right decisions, faster. Lux moved its AWS environment under Connectria managed services in 2021.


Lux is a mid-sized AWS customer. It built an infrastructure in AWS to support its public-facing SaaS product. Lux functions with a lean internal IT department. Therefore, it relies more heavily on Connectria for AWS management and support. Lux needed assistance running AWS resources including EC2, RDS, and S3. Lux encountered some additional complications when the IT team discovered another AWS account. As an international data company, Lux has clients all over the world and also needed compliance assistance to ensure adherence to GDPR.


Connectria manages Lux AWS resources in both a staging and production environment. Connectria helped Lux access all of its AWS accounts and resources. For the additional AWS account, Connectria’s Professional Services team completed a project moving the account’s resources into the existing AWS account under Connectria’s management. They were able to complete the project, from start to finish, in just two weeks. This project further ensured that all Lux AWS assets are managed and secured under Connectria’s managed services.


Lux Research is happy to have Connectria’s support teams in place to manage its AWS environments. Before, Lux had difficulty with patching and security monitoring. Now, Lux is able to rely on Connectria’s security monitoring and the MFA that was put in place. Connectria also has Lux AWS instances on a regular patching schedule, and regular cost optimization reports.

“Working with Lux Research has been really great. Our engineers are able to fortify its security across all instances leveraging tools such as Rapid7 security and MFA setup for Lux internal users. We’re proud of the increased response time we’ve delivered thanks to our array of AWS monitors in place,” says Michael Simbeck, Connectria Customer Success Manager.

About Lux Research

Lux Research Inc. is an independent research and advisory firm providing strategic advice and ongoing intelligence for emerging technologies. Lux Research is a company that specializes in data science consultation services for its clients, collection, analysis, etc. We help leaders in business, finance, and government to make informed strategic decisions.

Lux combines deep analyses of technology with business insights to deliver independent, fact-based analyses, insights, and opinions. We believe everyone is in innovation, that’s why we support executives and their teams at global organizations in their quest to discover and deliver their next big innovative ideas.

For more information visit www.luxresearchinc.com



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