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Assess Your Cloud for More Control During COVID-19




April 14, 2020

Complimentary Connectria Cloud Assessment

Local government orders continue to keep people at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus. I hope everyone is settling into the recent changes to our day to day lives. As working from home becomes the new normal, I hope you’re all set up for success and, gradually, getting used to it. I’m sure it’s a strange experience, especially if your family is home as well. With a spouse on a conference call in the kitchen and kids in the house attending virtual lessons, we’re all adjusting.

Other than some of these personal life adjustments, many of us are realizing professional challenges and opportunities as well. While current conditions are miles away from business as usual, there are still ways to keep forward momentum, especially for those managing data and cloud environments, something more important now than ever before.

Reel in Cloud Costs

The current economic climate is forcing many of us to reel in spending. COVID-19 is negatively impacting various businesses and company revenues continue to fall. In order to reposition and weather the storm, manage your current cloud costs for expected decline while preparing for eventual recovery.

The current pandemic is adding to already existing challenges for the cloud. Among these challenges, optimizing costs is now a critical concern let alone a top priority. As demand change drives resource utilization, it presents an opportunity to correct cloud infrastructure proportions in order to:

  • Reduce cost
  • Optimize performance
  • Eliminate idle resources

We continue to do our part in this pandemic cleaning, disinfecting, and social distancing. While doing so, we can still accomplish important professional goals and improvements. Connectria can help facilitate.

Complimentary Cloud Assessment

Connectria has partnered with AWS and Azure to help companies during the COVID-19 crisis. Starting today, we’re offering complimentary Cloud Assessments to all AWS and Azure customers. Realize cost savings, identify security issues and ensure your cloud is compliant. All at no upfront cost to you.

This risk-free assessment utilizes a secure, compliant suite of software that evaluates cloud architecture without requiring time from staff or access to underlying data. After a simple technical evaluation and implementation, in 30 minutes or less, Connectria will provide a helpful assessment in less than a week. Essentially, this assessment will provide suggestions and opportunities for cloud performance, security and cost improvements. While this is a challenging time for so many, we can still do our part to help customers reach their goals.

Connectria and Cloud

Our cloud experts are available to help you learn more and to schedule your complimentary Connectria Cloud Assessment. Connectria has run mission-critical systems for more than 1,000 companies worldwide like Bayer, Caterpillar, and Baxter Healthcare for nearly 25 years. We’ve helped hundreds of customers better manage AWS and Azure environments, ultimately freeing up IT resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

If you need continued assistance managing your AWS and Azure environments, Connectria is here to help.

Connectria Cloud Assessment


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