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3 Things We Love About TRiA




February 14, 2022

What We Love About TRiA

2021 was a transformative year for Connectria’s cloud management platform, TRiA, as well as Connectria. Most recently, our next-gen TRiA updates shared details about features for managing mission-critical workloads and delivering real-time observability. Based on Connectria’s largest-ever validation effort, TRiA evolved from a ticketing system to a multi-cloud management platform. Now, it’s capable of addressing the most commonly encountered observability challenges with modern application architectures including:

  • Compliance
  • Performance
  • Resource management
  • Security and spend optimization

TRiA’s cloud optimization features can also help you spot opportunities to get cloud costs under control. If you’re not yet using TRiA, we can also perform this analysis for you to demonstrate how much TRiA can help you save. 

What’s New

For our customers, these changes and improvements meant a rollout of a total of 23 new features to help you and your teams:

  1. Verify critical infrastructure metrics, while trusting Connectria with your workloads
  2. Starve your distractions, receiving notifications and alerts only when your attention is required
  3. Feed your focus on delivering new value while our experts ensure that your workloads are running optimally, securely, and performant all day, every day

We will continue to dedicate efforts and resources that focus on these goals this year. Throughout 2021, our team of experts consistently delivered new capabilities, averaging a new feature nearly every two weeks. Below, we’ll share and discuss all of the latest TRiA features that we and our customers loved in 2021.

1. The Notification Center

TRiA’s Notification Center is a central place to review, filter, and report on all notifications that are relevant to your multi-cloud environments. It includes everything from mission-critical performance, security, and compliance notifications to valuable cost-savings recommendations.

The Notification Center serves as a central location for reviewing any and all relevant notifications in one easy-to-access place. It alerts you about any aspect of your environment that deserves your attention and helps you feed your focus while starving your distractions by removing noisy email notifications that get lost in your inbox.

TRiA Notifications Center

We are currently working on evolving this feature by introducing Notification Policies that will allow customers to configure their own alerting thresholds while integrating with popular productivity and communication tools including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

2. Accounts Automation

TRiA Accounts Automation

TRiA’s Accounts platform provides the ability for customers to self-manage their organizations and users within TRiA. Currently, admins within an organization can add new or remove existing users, reset users’ passwords, and MFA sessions and assign user roles. This enables customers to take control of their organization’s interfaces with Connectria, control their team members’ roles, and access control parameters.

3. The Resource Management Center

TRiA features real-time observability of all your resources regardless of whether resources are deployed in modern cloud environments, on legacy platforms such as IBMi or VMWare, or in a hybrid cloud scenario involving both. Within the TRiA Resource Management Center users can:

  • Monitor CPU
  • View invoices
  • Check memory
  • View the status of all devices from IBMi to VMWare
  • Understand their cloud-based application, infrastructure, and compliance footprint
TRiA Resource Management

In an effort to continuously empower our customers to assert control over their resources when required we introduced a series of UX elements allowing you to set up maintenance windows for your devices, and Easily create tickets from multiple places within TRiA whenever an issue may occur.

Customer-Driven Enhancements

At Connectria, we’re incredibly fortunate to have an expansive customer base that provides insightful and critical feedback that helps inform and create ongoing opportunities for our engineers to make improvements to our products and solutions.

Every feature, enhancement, and UX is directly informed by customer interaction, feedback, and validation exercises before being brought to life. This dynamic allows us to continuously make improvements to TRiA that make our customers’ lives and businesses better. Whether it’s a small change to improve navigation such as a new menu, or a larger adjustment enabling customers to take control of their resources regardless of where they are deployed, TRiA is built for customers, by customers.

Software-Enabled Services, powered by TRiA

Connectria continues enhancing our TRiA offering to best support customers in their digital transformation efforts. TRiA provides centralized resource management across your IBM AIX, IBM i, VMware, and public cloud environments like AWS and Azure. This means TRiA provides everything you need to understand which resources your workloads are running on, how much capacity is available, what you need when planning for future growth, and where you can optimize in the meantime.

As excited as we are about what we released in 2021, we want everyone to know this is just the beginning. We’re always making enhancements to TRiA. Currently, we’re looking at adding features that further allow admins to remove users and manage specific user permissions within TRiA Accounts. Stay up to date on the latest release notes here.

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