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Get the most out of Microsoft Azure with our 24×7 comprehensive managed cloud services and included software platform. From planning and migration to continuous optimization.

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Supporting Azure workloads for companies around the world

We felt the combination of Azure’s strengths along with Connectria’s extensive knowledge of managing and supporting Azure in a HIPAA compliant environment aligned very well with our long-term business direction.

Joe Lester
Executive VP, Technology

End-to-end managed services for your Azure workloads

Around the clock security and performance monitoring, cost optimization, and administration for your infrastructure. Backed by industry leading SLAs and an award winning customer-centric culture.

Cost Optimization

Resource optimization is key to controlling your cloud costs. We’ll work with you to optimize your Azure resources. Then, we’ll continuously monitor your environment to identify any unused, idle, or duplicate resources that can drive up costs, and introduce architectural efficiencies to increase performance and maximize ROI.

Security & Compliance

Our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) will provide proactive eyes-on-glass monitoring, while leveraging our proprietary cloud management platform to deliver automated and continuous security and compliance checks and make ensure your applications and data are protected and compliant at all times.

Managed Operations

We take care of infrastructure so you can stay focused on improving your business and products. Our cloud experts will handle all of the day-to-day responsibilities of managing and optimizing your Azure environment, and you’ll have complete visibility into the entire process through our unique cloud management platform.

Cloud Expertise

Finding and retaining Azure talent is a challenge for organizations of all sizes. We can provide a central Cloud Center of Excellence for your business, and deliver hands-on expert support throughout your entire cloud journey, from your initial cloud strategy, to migration, modernization, DevOps, and continuous optimization.

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Backed by a comprehensive cloud management platform

TRiA gives you real-time visibility into your infrastructure with centralized ticketing, security and compliance enforcement, performance monitoring, cost optimization dashboards, and direct access to our expert cloud services team.

As part of your Connectria managed cloud services agreement, you'll have complete access to the TRiA cloud management platform.

Key TRiA Benefits

Cost Optimization

A central location for billing, reporting, cost forecasting, and resource optimization.

Continuous Security

Identify security risks in real-time and fix problems before they’re exploited.

Performance Monitoring

Alerts, resource availability, predictions, and resource provisioning all in one place.

Compliance & Auditing

Enforce PCI DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, HITRUST, FISMA and other compliance standards.

Unmatched compliance expertise

As your partner, we’re mutually invested in the security and compliance of your cloud. To make sure you reach compliance, our professional services team will be on the front line helping you apply the appropriate technical and administrative safeguards. To make sure you stay compliant long into the future, our managed services team and cloud management platform will help you ensure that your environment is always up to date with the latest policies.

We’ll even provide additional assistance to help you prepare for and complete your annual compliance audits.

Supporting your entire cloud journey

From initial planning to advanced optimization, no matter where you are in Azure.


Cloud Readiness Workshop, Strategy & Planning

Early Cloud

Discovery, IaaS Migration, DevOps Implementation

Cloud Mature

Automation, DevOps Pipeline, Resource Optimization

Cloud Advanced

Advanced Security, Cost, and Performance Optimization

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Helping businesses focus on innovation instead of infrastructure

“We felt the combination of Azure’s strengths along with Connectria’s extensive knowledge of managing and supporting Azure in a HIPAA compliant environment aligned very well with our long-term business direction.”

Joe Lester Executive VP, Technology

“Partnering with Connectria allows us to move faster and be more responsive to our customers, which increases our customer’s satisfaction.”

William White Co-founder & CTO

“Just because we aren’t managing our cloud environment doesn’t mean we’ve given up responsibility for it. We use TRiA to keep an eye on resource utilization and potential security issues. It helps us communicate even more effectively with Connectria’s engineers so we can make better, more informed decisions about our cloud environment.”

Bill Shomo Director of IT