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Connectria and Profound Logic Partner to Provide Unique and Synergistic Offerings to IBM i Clients




October 8, 2020

St. Louis, MO – October 8, 2020

Modernization meets managed services as Connectria announces a new IBM i combined solution with Profound Logic. Where Connectria is the largest IBM i (AS/400) cloud provider in North America, Profound Logic is the only modernization partner with a fully integrated solution stack for transformation, application development, and integration to solve today’s complex business challenges.

“Although our client’s modernization and transformation initiatives are driven by many different concerns, resource limitations and their desire to not focus on system administration are two of the more pervasive concerns cited,” states Profound’s Chief Revenue Officer, Jordan Antonoff. “While Profound addresses those areas through our tools and services that focus on the applications, transformation of code, database, and UI, there is still a missing gap where clients need infrastructure support. Our partnership with Connectria gives clients managed resources and hosting options as they navigate their digital transformation evolution.”

The longevity and security of IBM workloads depend on the right expertise. As Profound Logic goes out to help with modernization and transformation efforts, Connectria provides additional support. Conversely, Connectria can enable modernization conversations for its extensive network of managed services customers. This partnership is especially beneficial to those businesses who want a path to digital transformation, but whose developers are weighed down with system maintenance and management tasks.

“With Profound Logic, we see a leader in IBM application transformation and modernization – a strong complement to Connectria’s award-winning IBM and hybrid cloud managed services. The business partnership allows us to highlight Profound Logic’s application and code level services to our customers as well as identify new opportunities jointly to bring a strong IBM end-to-end digital transformation offering to market,” said Amar Patel, Connectria’s Vice President, and Chief Revenue Officer.

About Profound Logic

Profound Logic delivers innovation and transformation within reach. We are the only IBM i modernization partner with a fully integrated solution stack to solve today’s complex business challenges. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped you innovate for the future through application modernization, integration, and development. Profound Logic solutions support flexible code transformation, system integration and API modernization, rapid application and low code development, application interface and database modernization, Cloud enablement, and professional services and staff augmentation. Learn more at www.profoundlogic.com.

About Connectria

Founded in 1996, Connectria has been ranked 17-times as a Best Place to Work and provides award-winning cloud hosting, cloud managed services, cloud security, and cloud management software for more than 1,000 customers worldwide. Connectria was the first HIPAA compliant managed hosting company and the first company to deliver HIPAA and PCI compliance in AWS and Azure. Connectria is the largest IBM i (AS/400) cloud provider in North America. Through the addition of WSM in 2019, Connectria has become a leader in providing cloud migration and transformation services for organizations of all sizes.



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