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ARCAD Software and Connectria Combine Forces to Drive DevOps and Cloud Adoption on IBM i




March 24, 2021

Annecy/St Louis, MO – March 24, 2021

ARCAD Software, an international leader in DevOps and modernization solutions, and Connectria, the largest IBM Power Systems (IBM i/AIX) cloud provider in North America and Managed Service Provider (MSP) in North America, today announced their partnership in the advancement of DevOps and digital transformation on IBM i.

The new partnership combines Connectria’s world-class managed services – including private hosting, remote management and disaster recovery – together with ARCAD’s end-to-end DevSecOps automation, to secure and accelerate the digital transformation journey for organizations running mission critical applications on IBM i.

DevOps Transformation

Where Connectria provides IBM i customers with strategy, migration, managed services, and modernization capabilities to help lift legacy systems out of the data center, ARCAD’s DevOps offering delivers the unique “dependency-based” build, test and release automation needed to rapidly and reliably provision Connectria’s self-service IBM i environments.

Application Modernization

An additional area of complementarity between the two offerings is in the area of modernization. Where Connectria modernizes at the infrastructure level, ARCAD Software solutions perform full-stack transformation at the application layer. Using modules from the ARCAD Transformer range, IBM i customers can automate the conversion of their legacy RPGLE or Synon CA 2E code into modern RPG Free Form and convert their DB2 tables to SQL.

Connectria, today accelerates the virtualization of the IBM Power Systems to provide highly scalable and resilient business built solutions designed with automation and security in mind at the infrastructure level, ARCAD Software solutions perform full-stack transformation at the application layer. Using modules from the ARCAD Transformer range, IBM i customers can automate the conversion of their legacy RPGLE or Synon CA 2E code into modern RPG Free Form and convert their DB2 tables to SQL.

Full-stack Digital Transformation

The vision behind the partnership is to open a progressive and modular path to ‘full-stack’ digital transformation to IBM i organizations of all sizes and from all sectors of industry. Andrew Ireland, DevOps Business Line Manager and Channel Manager at ARCAD Software explained the synergy between the two companies:

“Organizations running IBM i are under growing pressure to accelerate their digital transformation efforts to remain competitive. At the same time, IBM i skills are increasingly scarce, and it is often a challenge to meet today’s 24x7x365 requirements. Connectria is uniquely positioned to address this situation with its 25 years of IBM expertise, a hybrid cloud offering and world class managed services. In complement, ARCAD solutions address the application layer with advanced IBM i automation at each phase in the DevSecOps cycle – including application analysis, build, code quality and security checking, unit test, regression test, and release orchestration. ARCAD also extends Connectria modernization by automating the conversion of application source code and database.”

Futureproofing of IBM i systems

With over 1,000 IBM i LPARs under management, the Connectria IBM Power Systems cloud is available on-net with both Azure and AWS in US-East and US-West, offering IBM i workloads low latency access to emerging and cloud native technologies such as IoT and analytics.

Used together, Connectria and ARCAD offerings contribute to extending the lifecycle of IBM i systems. As ARCAD Software solutions leverage Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) automation to secure the faster delivery of higher quality software, Connectria managed services free development resources from the burden of system maintenance and management tasks. Using ARCAD for DevOps in Connectria cloud enables the easy creation, replication and disposal of test and training environments and instant delivery of production-ready environments on demand.

“ARCAD for DevOps is the most functionally rich CI/CT/CD solution in the IBM i market today. It is fully integrated with enterprise DevOps tooling such as Git, Jenkins and Jira, enabling one single pipeline for managing application development across multiple technology platforms, on premise, hybrid, or multi-cloud. ARCAD’s underlying metadata repository – or application knowledge base – drives unique automation capabilities right across the DevSecOps cycle, ‘shifting defects left’ to reduce IT timescales, cost, and risk. Coupled with Connectria’s robust cloud strategy, we help IBM i customers improve their IT governance and free IT resources for value-add tasks”, added Andrew Ireland.

“ARCAD boasts an impressive portfolio of DevOps and modernization solutions. ARCAD Software and Connectria will work together on new customer joint pursuits as well as existing customer referrals. By combining ARCAD solutions with Connectria managed services, IBM i organizations have the opportunity to innovate more rapidly, collaborate more efficiently, and deliver more value with less effort,” said Amar Patel, Connectria President and CEO.

“Our business partnership allows ARCAD to highlight Connectria’s best-in-class managed services to our customers as well as Connectria driving added value through DevOps to their customers, with the common goal of helping IBM i organizations optimize their cloud strategy and ultimately succeed in their legacy IT transformation”, concluded Andrew Ireland.

About Connectria

Founded in 1996, Connectria helps businesses realize their cloud vision with end-to-end hosting and managed services, from IBM i to the public cloud, backed by industry leading SLAs and an award winning, customer-centric culture. Connectria is the largest IBM i (AS/400) cloud provider in North America and a recognized IBM business partner with demonstrated excellence in driving exceptional client experiences and business growth. Connectria has also become a leader in delivering end-to-end cloud migration and managed services as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner and AWS Managed Services Provider.

About ARCAD Software

Celebrating 30 years serving the IBM i community, ARCAD Software combines DevOps and Modernization in an integrated, in-house developed product range, distributed by IBM worldwide.

With ARCAD solutions:

• Achieve a common DevSecOps pipeline across all platforms, including IBM i

• Automate CI/CT/CD with IBM i application analysis, quality & security checking, build, test, and deploy

• Transform RPG or Synon applications to modern Free-Form RPG and SQL

• Modernize green-screens and generate Webservices

• Discover and anonymize personal data

• Orchestrate releases of all applications AND data, on-premise or cloud

Press Contact: Olenka Van Schendel, WW Marketing Director ovanschendel@arcadsoftware.com


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