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Connectria and AWS Advance Cloud Adoption for IBM Power Systems




November 16, 2020

St. Louis, MO – November 10, 2020

Connectria, a global provider and recognized leader in IBM Power Systems hosting and cloud services, announces the launch of a new hybrid architecture solution that brings IBM Power Systems to Amazon Web Services (AWS) colocation.

Connectria’s hybrid architecture, with IBM Power Systems communicating with AWS, is designed to enable businesses to migrate their traditional IT infrastructure into a fully managed hybrid architecture with low latency connection between IBM Power Systems environments and AWS. In doing so, companies can continue to maintain business-critical IBM i & AIX workloads, replace dependent x86 infrastructure with optimized AWS services, and reduce their data center footprint.

“We teamed up with AWS to bring our industry-leading IBM i and AIX hosting expertise to the AWS US-East-1 and AWS US-West-1 Regions,” said Rich Waidmann, Connectria President and CEO. “By combining our IBM and AWS capabilities, we’re able to deliver the first end-to-end solution of this kind, starting with the migration of your existing IBM i/AIX environment, as-is, to our modern IBM Power Systems environment — with full 24/7 managed services — and backed by our next generation cloud management platform, TRiA. You can then build advanced capabilities on AWS utilizing your existing IBM assets as the base.”

How It Works

Connectria’s IBM Hybrid solution allows for low latency direct connections between IBM i/AIX systems and AWS. This opens up new possibilities for IBM workloads to leverage advanced data analytics, multi-region high-availability (HA) deployments, and other forms of augmentation with AWS cloud services.

IBM Power Systems are one of the last remaining platforms keeping businesses tied to corporate data centers, where operational and financial overhead impede the agility and growth potential of IT. With Connectria’s new hybrid architecture, you can exit the data center, keep business-critical IBM workloads running, and get closer to achieving your digital transformation goals.


Connectria’s hybrid architecture data centers in the AWS US-East-1 and AWS US-West-1 Regions are scheduled to open to customers in January of 2021. Click here for more information.

About Connectria

Founded in 1996, Connectria is an award-winning IBM hosting provider, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, and AWS Managed Services Provider that has achieved AWS Migration Competency status, and a leader in delivering end-to-end cloud migration and managed services.

Connectria was the first HIPAA compliant managed hosting company and the first company to deliver HIPAA and PCI compliance in AWS and Azure. Connectria is the largest IBM i (AS/400) cloud provider in North America.



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