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Under the OS – How Software VARs Find New Revenue Streams in Infrastructure




September 20, 2019

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Managing everything that falls under the managed hosting umbrella is a substantial task, especially when it comes to supporting infrastructure. Server infrastructure requires care and feeding, which entails careful monitoring on your end. Most software-oriented value-added-resellers, or VARs, are busy with other business endeavors, like providing their clients with services like training, monitoring, or development. Maintaining infrastructure may not be as high on their list compared to serving their customers’ immediate needs.

VARs promise to benefit businesses by freeing up their time and resources, yet VARs also need time and resources to be able to provide the value-added services that they sell. To do this, VARs need their own support, especially when it comes to server infrastructure.

Here, we’ll reveal the benefits of working with Connectria as a strategic partner for VARs. We’ll show you what we can offer to you as well as the benefits of working with Connectria as an infrastructure partner.

The Connectria Difference

Connectria is a managed service provider with a leading edge in the industry. As a business partner to our expanding list of VARs, we offer a wide range of services and support for your business that allows you to provide unparalleled hosting and infrastructure service to your customers.

As a Connectria Business Partner, your VAR business can offer much more to your clients than your list of standard services. Partnering with our team means being able to provide your customers with these competitive benefits:

1 Reliability

Our infrastructure support services mean you can focus on providing best-in-class hosting, training, troubleshooting, and other benefits to your customers. Our industry-leading technology allows us to provide our business partners with a solid infrastructure that you can pass on to your clients who are entrusting you with the success of their IT systems.

As a software-oriented VAR, you know the importance of being able to be a service provider that your customers can depend on for minimal downtime or disruption and for continuous support. You focus on the applications and software, we’ll handle the underlying infrastructure.

2 Security

Reliability and security go hand in hand, and it’s critical that you can offer your customers the very best when it comes to keeping their data secure. Cybersecurity is a primary concern for businesses across every industry and size. Furthermore, as news headlines on security breaches become more prevalent, your customers are well aware of the threats they face, whether their data is in the cloud or on-premises.

As a Connectria Business Partner, you’ll have leading security technology on your side. Security for your software’s underlying infrastructure is one of our top priorities, and being able to offer data protection, risk management, and disaster recovery solutions is one of our main goals as a VAR partner.

3 Flexibility

When reselling software, your clients may be looking for infrastructure that fits their exact needs. How often have you found that the software-oriented solutions you sell need some customized support and infrastructure that standard providers don’t offer? At Connectria, our architects work to design the hosting environments needed so your clients get the most out of their software investments.

The Connectria Advantage

We’ve already established some of the core benefits that our VAR Business Partners get from partnering with Connectria. These features allow you to offer great service to your clients, but they extend beyond that – our services benefit your business in many key ways. As a Connectria Business Partner, your VAR business has the potential to reach new heights. Below are some of the ways that our services to VARs can give your business a competitive advantage and some of the key benefits of having Connectria as an infrastructure partner.

Greater Customer Loyalty

It’s a simple equation: the better service and UX you can provide, the more likely it is that your customers will stay loyal to your business. Why would they even look elsewhere if you’re meeting and exceeding all of their needs? Your enhanced service set as a Connectria Business Partner makes higher customer retention attainable. Essentially, partnering with Connectria gives you the ability to piggyback on our excellent services and provide them directly to your customers for a win-win scenario.

More Time to Generate Additional Revenue

As a VAR trying to offer a full range of services to your customers, it’s hard to carve out the time to dedicate to scaling your business, strategizing on new revenue streams, and pursuing growth initiatives. With Connectria as a partner, we take over much of your behind-the-scenes management and monitoring, giving you and your team the time and resources you need to dream up and pursue new endeavors.

Ultimately, the more energy you can dedicate to growth strategies, the better positioned you’ll be to benefit from alternative revenue streams and building up new areas of your business. Along with these major benefits, partnering with Connectria also comes with some additional perks including:

  • The ability to offer the broadest range of cloud technologies
  • Working with a friendly, customer-service oriented company that understands your business needs
  • Reducing gaps in your services with our cloud-based technology solutions
  • Full support and training for you and your team
  • Working with an industry-leading company that continues to grow and develop with each new customer

Contact the Connectria team and we’ll get started with a consultation and demo of our offerings. Our team of cloud technology experts is ready and waiting to assist your VAR business in realizing your full potential, attracting new clients, and building your company with additional revenue streams. Together, we can boost your VAR business, create happy customers, and provide the best in cloud-based technology. Reach out to our team to begin your Connectria partnership.



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