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When Small Partners Make Big Sense




August 7, 2019

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As a Managed Service Provider, you’ve worked hard to ensure your team is good at what they do. In all likelihood, you’ve assembled a team of experts that keep your current customers happy and their services running smoothly. However, no matter how hard they try, they simply cannot be experts in every area of operations. Especially as your organization looks to expand.

You want to scale your business into all available avenues. However, without an unlimited budget, it’s next to impossible for you to expand your in-house talent exponentially. Simply adding a single cloud service is expensive and time-consuming, not to mention disruptive to your operations.

However, leveraging strategic partnerships with the right organizations can not only address these problematic issues, but it can also expand your portfolio further than you ever thought possible. Want to find out how? Keep reading and we’ll tell you exactly how small, specialized niche partners make big sense in today’s competitive MSP market. Whether you want to strengthen your managed service offerings with DRaaS or Application development, or you simply want to provide expert cloud migration, Connectria can help you shine.

Going the Last Mile

A huge roadblock to expanding for many MSPs is simply location. Sure, many client types only call for remote management and never require on-site expertise, but the fact remains that more and more organizations across numerous industries are demanding access to on-premise technicians when necessary.

While you may not ever have offices located throughout the country, you can benefit from a last-mile partnership no matter the size of your MSP. Even if your offices are located in one of the smallest cities in your state, you can provide your full range of services as well as those on-premise technicians to clients all across the country.

On-site technician availability via a last-mile partnership is one specialized collaboration that growing MSPs should seriously consider. Whether you are in a position to provide last mile services to others or expanding into areas that a last-mile partner makes sense, partnership with even the smallest MSPs can provide a core competitive service to your portfolio and clients.

Freeing Up Your Own Team

Many of your clients may count on you to augment their in-house teams and free them up for more productive tasks. However, all too many MSPs end up bogging themselves down with tedious tasks that could be better managed by a strategic partner.

Having your critical tech teams and service experts tied up with simple troubleshooting calls and support tickets can severely restrict your abilities. Collaborating with a small support partner to handle your tier 1 interactions allows your in-house teams to focus their efforts on more important matters or more difficult support requests.

Specialized Partners

A partnership that many MSPs are discovering to be highly lucrative is the collaboration with those smaller companies that hold specialized compliance capabilities. Data protection is everyone’s responsibility of course, but these days there are specific regulations that numerous industries have to adhere to. By adding those capabilities to your portfolio, you can expand the reach of your MSP further than ever anticipated.

These types of partnerships enable you to pass huge cost savings on to your clients. Those that have an intricate understanding of which components are supported in environments such as HIPAA and PCI can prevent costly mistakes. Furthermore, they can ensure that unnecessary delays with implementation are avoided while enabling your clients to take advantage of security controls and processes that, with the right partner, go far beyond regulatory requirements.

Simply expanding your service offerings to include HIPAA compliance will allow you to work with clients in multiple industries that were previously off-limits. Hospitals, medical providers, and their billing providers are just a few of the organizations required to adhere to HIPAA regulations and with the right partner, you can provide them with the expertise they need.

A partner that can provide PCI compliant hosting can open even more doors. Any business that accepts, processes, or stores credit card information is required by law to maintain PCI compliance. Being able to expand your offerings to include PCI compliant hosting enables you to offer your full line of services to customers that have been primarily unapproachable. The right partner will ensure that your client’s compliance needs are met, maintained, and audited regularly, giving all sides peace of mind and saving you considerable time and expense in securing those compliance certifications yourself.

Connect With Connectria

If you are a small but growing MSP, our partnership team is eager to learn more about how we might work together. Connectria was purpose-built to help clients and IT service providers gain access to the technology they require regardless of size or industry. We don’t believe employee counts should limit your business’s ability to grow nor the opportunities that should be afforded to your practice or your customers.

Many of your current and potential clients have found that maintaining critical applications can be complex and expensive. Furthermore, many of the challenges they face today are heightened by a lack of up-to-date documentation and the availability of skilled engineers. Connectria’s robust application support services allow your clients to address these challenges with our highly-skilled engineers at a fraction of the cost of relying on in-house staff.

Another specialty area that Connectria can expand your horizons with is disaster recovery. With our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, your clients can take advantage of customized plans to ensure that their recovery metrics are always met. No matter where their current data center is located, we can help them implement the solution that best meets their requirements.

Today’s MSPs have to stand out in an ever-growing crowd of competition, and partnering with Connectria is a tool that can help you do just that. Contact us for more information or sign up for a free trial of TRiA, our Cloud Management platform that has to be seen to be believed.

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