Case Study September 21, 2018

Grupo Porteo: An IBM i Hosting Case Study

Mother Nature and other unavoidable events led Grupo Porteo to search for a managed hosting provider.
Selection Criteria
Wanted a provider with IBM i expertise, proven responsiveness, and affordable pricing in order to maintain Porteo’s advanced logistics system’s distinct competitive advantage.
Grupo Porteo realized exceptional uptime and performance due in part to the implementation of the latest IBM i technologies without incurring a significant investment in a hosted model.

Grupo Porteo is a leading logistics company providing warehousing, distribution and consulting services for consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, industrial and pharmaceutical companies across Mexico and now with operations in Houston, Texas. With its customized, advanced logistics system, Grupo Porteo stands above the competition by providing its customers real time shipping information throughout the delivery process. Learn how Connectria represents a vital part of Grupo Porteo’s success and growth.

The Challenge
Providing accurate and timely information has always been a top priority for Grupo Porteo. And the systems that support Grupo Porteo’s solutions are key toward achieving their objectives. The server backbone for Grupo Porteo is the IBM i running an AS/400 operating system. Grupo Porteo owned and managed their systems in-house, however several events and conditions caused them to search for an outsourced solution. During the hurricane season, damage and a leak within their data center caused serious concern. In addition, rising costs associated with technology upgrades, maintenance, and the need for 24×7 administration influenced Grupo Porteo’s decision to search for a managed hosting provider.

As a logistics company, Grupo Porteo recognized the advantage of a strong tracking and delivery solution, however realized data center management was not their strength. A managed hosting partner would allow Grupo Porteo to implement a web-based solution while concentrating upon what they do best—logistics.
The Solution
When Grupo Porteo initiated its search for a hosting provider, their criteria included IBM i expertise, responsiveness and affordable pricing. A quick internet search led Grupo Porteo to Connectria with a very positive first impression. “Within 5 minutes of our electronic inquiry, Connectria responded and began to gather our requirements,” noted Paul Sarrapy, Grupo Porteo’s President and CEO. Sarrapy further added, “We were very impressed with Connectria’s IBM i pedigree and inclusion of the U.S. government among its customers. Having past experience working with Westinghouse, I’m familiar with the strict service level and contract demands that typify U.S. government business. Given Connectria’s ability to satisfy this type of customer, we felt confident that they would meet our requirements as well.” In addition to Connectria, Grupo Porteo considered AT&T and TelMex, among others, as potential hosting partners. In a short time it was evident that none of these companies had Connectria’s IBM i experience. Grupo Porteo did not want to have its hosting partner gain IBM i experience at their expense.

The Results
Grupo Porteo and Connectria moved fast. Within a week’s time, Connectria was selected and within the same month, Grupo Porteo’s solution was fully implemented. Grupo Porteo has since been a Connectria customer for over 6 years and they’ve enjoyed exceptional uptime and performance. In fact, Grupo Porteo was surprised that connection speeds and response times were faster than when they hosted their IBM i internally. This was due in part to the benefit of enjoying the latest IBM i technologies, without a significant investment, under a hosted model. “The reliability of the IBM i servers and the versatile applications developed in LANSA, let us create a solution that gives us a view of the entire operation, tracking each individual shipment at a level that allows us to analyze and continuously improve our entire operation,” says Sarrapy. “Connectria has met our expectations very well. One of the competitive advantages that Grupo Porteo has is our system. Connectria Hosting is a critical partner and is intertwined in our success. If the system fails, everything fails. Connectria has played a significant role in our growth and we hope to continue our relationship as we expand our business.”

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