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Everything You Need to Know About Connectria’s IBM with AWS Hybrid Cloud




August 24, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Connectria's Hybrid Cloud

Connectria provides IBM i and AIX customers a reliable, fully managed hosting solution with low-latency connectivity options to AWS. Information about Connectria’s IBM Power Systems (i/AIX) and AWS Hybrid Architecture is now available on the AWS Partner Network (APN) blog.

This recent coverage provides:

  • A solution overview
  • Specific partner connectivity details
  • Updated architectural diagrams
  • New use case examples

Over the last several months, we have outlined many key customer benefits of this solution while also showcasing the possibilities and inner workings of this solution. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of all of the resources available to learn more about this solution.

Hybrid Architecture Announcement

With our strong expertise in both IBM and cloud migrations, Connectria works with a lot of iSeries platform team leaders and Power Systems users who are making strides toward the cloud but haven’t found a path around on-premises data center business. These users were unable to solve or connect on options around their IBM i environments.

With our extensive history and expertise, we know where these conversations typically go and are pleased to help users embrace the cloud with a simplified path forward. News of Connectria’s new hybrid cloud offering was announced in mid-November 2020. This announcement covered:

  • Users who wanted to exit their on-premises data center(s)
  • Connectria’s traditional augmentation of existing IBM/IT staff
  • Simplified path to X86 modernization

Drivers of IBM i/AIX and AWS Hybrid Adoption

Next, we recognized that reconciling digital transformation, cloud strategy, and existing legacy infrastructure is one of the most complex challenges facing IT leaders today. That’s why we launched our hybrid solution.

By putting our IBM Power Systems cloud on-net with AWS, we opened up new possibilities for augmenting IBM-based applications with cloud-native services, modernizing legacy infrastructure, and accelerating cloud adoption. This article looks at three different business use cases driving the adoption of an IBM with AWS hybrid cloud architecture:

  • Disaster recovery as a foundation for long term cloud migration
  • Modernization and phased approach to the cloud
  • Reliability and assessing the business impact of outages

Ways Connectria’s IBM + AWS Hybrid Cloud Can Work for You

Here, we doubled down on business cases driving the adoption of our hybrid cloud architecture. Our experts can talk about the individual pieces of this solution all day long. But, we know that what you want to know is how this would work for your environment. While each environment is a little bit different, there are some commonalities. Below are the five different example architectures we covered:

  1. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) as the least cost entry
  2. Site to site tunnels and cloud LPARs
  3. Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS)/Point to point (PTP) circuits and dedicated Power Systems
  4. Direct connect and COLO Power Systems
  5. Production only environment

Answering Top Questions About Connectria’s Hybrid Architecture

In March, we hosted a webinar discussing how running IBM Power Systems (i/AIX) workloads on-net with AWS creates an ideal foundation for your long-term cloud adoption goals. In this article, we help you understand more about our hybrid architecture by sharing our answers to the questions from the webinar Q&A including:

  • How to get started with DR using Connectria’s Power System?
  • What if I move the entire environment to Connectria?
  • Available logical replication options?
  • How Connectria helps with migration?
  • Can I work with Connectria even if I already work with an AWS Partner who doesn’t support IBM?

We dove even deeper into the discussion around IBM customer challenges and available paths forward in this article about cloud migration and support challenges that many IT organizations face as they try to move to the cloud.

From Infrastructure to Innovation

Outside the information available on Connectria’s website and blog, more information about the solution is available above on the APN blog, as well as in an AWS Marketplace listing. This article features highlights of the listing as well as discussions about flexible configurations, Connectria’s managed services, and the role of our cloud management platform, TRiA, in bringing our hybrid solution together under a single pane of glass.

Ultimately, we aim to take the complexity out of managing your environments, so your team can focus on innovation instead of infrastructure. We can support you in the way you are most comfortable whether that is in your data center, in our data center, or in a data center in close proximity to AWS. No matter how you slice it, we can support you. Fill out the form below to get started today!

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