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The Business Benefits of Hybrid Cloud




July 13, 2021

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Connectria’s IBM + AWS Hybrid Cloud brings the unique capabilities of IBM Power Systems servers to its data centers in close proximity to AWS. This allows for low latency direct connections between IBM i/IBM AIX systems and AWS. It also unlocks new possibilities for IBM workloads to leverage advanced data analytics, multi-region high-availability (HA) deployments, and other forms of augmentation with AWS cloud services.

There is no universal hybrid cloud solution because each business has needs as unique as its systems and technology. Your hybrid cloud experience can take many different forms depending on the technology that is vital to your systems and which verticals your business operates. Key decision-makers have many choices to make when attempting to achieve the most beneficial configuration enabling their business to grow and thrive.

Learn more about  IBM Power Systems DR advantages with AWS hybrid architecture in our recent webinar, available on-demand.

Business Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

According to Flexera, 82 percent of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy here in 2021. Most companies have a long-term hybrid cloud strategy involving both on-premises workloads and cloud environments. On average, respondents of Flexera’s survey use 2.6 public and 2.7 private clouds.

We previously discussed how our hybrid architecture could work for your environment, sharing different examples to illustrate what is capable. There are a variety of benefits to a hybrid cloud. Ultimately, optimizing workloads between on-premise and public cloud or private cloud environments creates a functional hybrid enterprise where cost, security, and speed are balanced to the unique needs of your business.

1 Cost

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), is typically the least cost entry for most. This option allows you to get more familiar with AWS and Connectria services without a full implementation. For a lot of folks, this is an “easy button” for better protecting your environment while also taking steps into AWS or your public cloud du jour.

You can maintain your existing production on-site and replicate production systems to Connectria and AWS environments using tools such as VPN tunnels. Logical replication using tools like MIMIX, iCluster, Maxava, or other similar tools can also be used to replicate the environment into the DR facility.

Data Center Exit

More than 80 percent of IBM Power Systems workloads are running on x86 infrastructure in the same data center. We can migrate both the IBM Power Systems and x86 infrastructure so you can reduce your data center footprint and lower your TCO by leveraging optimized AWS native services.

Embracing a hybrid cloud strategy helps you divest the costs of owning and operating a data center. Operating and managing these physical spaces can quickly become cost-prohibitive by consuming resources from administrative staff, HVAC systems, physical security, property taxes, power, utility consumption, and more.

2 Security

Hybrid cloud provides businesses critical control over data and improves security by minimizing potential data exposure. Bringing IBM i, IBM AIX, and AWS together helps you centralize and simplify the management of your infrastructure. You can streamline operations, reduce your data center footprint, and free up IT resources by leveraging Connectria’s managed services for your IBM workloads, your AWS workloads, or both. Hybrid cloud also enables enterprises to standardize redundant cloud storage, which is an important component of disaster recovery.

Connectria provides the connectivity between the Power Systems and AWS environment. Your IBM LPARs and AWS instances will be on the same secured network with ultra-low latency. Our hybrid offering also includes TRiA, our comprehensive cloud management platform, to help you optimize your system performance while decreasing your cloud spend and securing your infrastructure.

3 Speed

Connectria’s hybrid cloud is hosted with AWS US-East-1 and US-West-1 regions, allowing for <2ms ultralow latency direct connections between your IBM i/AIX workloads and AWS instances. This connection unlocks new opportunities including:

  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Enabling modern data analytics
  • More reliable high availability (HA) configurations
  • New access to IoT, AI/ML, and other cloud services 

Connectria’s hybrid offering gives you access to sophisticated data analytics with AWS cloud services, IoT, AI/ML, and other cloud services that can significantly increase the capabilities of your applications. Its ultra-low latency connection opens new possibilities for your Power Systems investments including advanced user experiences, high availability configurations and deployments, improved reliability, and disaster recovery. It also creates an ideal foundation for longer term cloud migration goals, without refactoring your IBM workloads.

TRiA Support

TRiA brings our hybrid solution together under a single pane of glass. Connectria delivers a unified conversion for production, on-premises workloads, and your cloud environments. We provide continuous 24/7 maintenance, managed services, monitoring, security services, and other additional support to properly provision the operational state of both environments.

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