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Case Study: Connectria Affirms Careignition Healthcare Solutions and Future



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Founded in 2018, Careignition is a value-based healthcare platform assisting clients by directly managing their health care supply chain. Careignition’s platform applies an advanced analytic capability to healthcare data. By deriving relevant information on cost and quality, they develop a strategic understanding of value and a roadmap to higher quality healthcare at sustainable costs.

Through claims and other data, Careignition captures, and links decisions made by providers, patients, and payers. They model distinct events, episodes, and clinical pathways by condition, procedure, and treatment. They use the information contained in these constructed events to measure cost, quality, and quantity. Careignition uses a combination of outside benchmarks and evidence-based guidelines to both evaluate quality and understand cost of healthcare services. This process enables Careignition to better understand healthcare delivery at the event, episode, condition, provider, facility, and system level. Connectria’s support allows the Careignition platform to leverage best security and storage practices to store protected health information (PHI).

The Challenge

Careignition needed to provide its clients the ability to securely upload data for processing. With strict regulatory framework around the sharing and storing of personal health information (PHI), Careignition needed basic security support and help with various policies and procedures.

“We found Connectria through the RFP process. Connectria was one of the few companies able to meet our main selection criteria for our managed service partner, assuming some of the liability risk in terms of the compliance of our infrastructure. We’re a healthcare analytics company with a focus in the domain of healthcare administration. Essentially, we advise and help employers manage their healthcare spend through the preprocessing analysis of employer claims for both medical and pharmacy,” said Matthew Lenert, Careignition Lead Data Architect.

The Solution

Careignition is limited by its size as a small, bootstrapped startup with a lean employee base. Compliance audits, which are typically necessary to work with employers in the healthcare space, present an expensive challenge for Careignition. Therefore, having a managed service provider, like Connectria, was an ideal solution fitting Careignition’s need for SOC 2 series of audits and to also lend credibility to the security and compliance of its infrastructure. Connectria’s solution for Careignition provides limited permission IAM users the ability to interact with a specific S3 bucket for uploads and data backup as well as a privileged IAM role to the EC2 which is leveraged to process uploaded data.

The Results

“Having a trusted partner with exceptional networking expertise that we can work closely with to optimize and assist with low-level configurations has really been great. Everything that we do is within the cloud. Connectria has been instrumental in our HIPAA compliance efforts, by providing us a cloud architecture that follows best security and storage practices,” said Lenert.

The HIPAA Security Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals’ electronic PHI that is created, received, used, or maintained by a covered entity. The Security Rule requires appropriate administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and security of electronically protected health information.

“We’re still a fairly young company. Connectria’s support has been very hands-on, which is good for the size of our team. They’ve helped us credibly acquire clients and put them onto our web-based platform. With any service, it all comes down to the technical staff. Connectria has always been great to work with. They make sure we are always informed, and our overall support has been timely and responsive. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Connectria,” said Lenert.



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