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Case Study May 3, 2021

Case Study: Luma



Luma is a learning and instructional design company offering flexible training solutions across several industries. It has been making a measurable difference in learning outcomes since its founding in 2008. In 2014, Luma found a unique niche in the transportation industry helping educate truck drivers. It developed a learning management system and leverages continuous integration continuous development (CI/CD) to roll out new and updated features regularly.

Luma has created many first-in-industry features for learning and training in the transportation industry. It conducts research on drivers’ learning preferences to provide the best possible learning experience. Luma’s products DRIVE SAFE, DRIVE FIT, and DRIVE FIRST are all grounded in learning science. It understands that different carriers and drivers have different needs and works with carriers to customize their learning environments. Luma was initially migrated by Connectria’s professional services team to AWS, after which the project moved to the managed services team to provide ongoing support for their AWS environment.


Luma previously operated on a dedicated server with everything on one machine. Last year, it increased its customer base by over 100%. Luma needed a partner with migration expertise in order to embrace the redundancy and scalability of the cloud. It also needed help managing its architecture from clearing roadblocks to assisting with incident response, while maintaining peak performance and overall management.

“As a company, we handle education, training, and other business functions. Working in the transportation and logistics industry, it is important for us to provide reliable services 24/7,” said Scott Anderson, Luma CTO.

In response to its continued growth, Luma decided to migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to take advantage of the scalability and performance of the cloud.


Since early 2020, Luma has been diligently working on the project in terms of preparing for the migration and making sure everything was ready. The ultimate goal for Luma targeted more services centered around security, entertaining two possible vendors, with Connectria as its top choice. Luma signed with Connectria in early September 2020 and was fully migrated to AWS by late November 2020.

Once the initial migration was complete, the AWS account construct provides a robust and secure mechanism to isolate control and data plane access to contained resources. Unless explicit cross-account IAM roles or VPC Peering, connections are configured, the account boundary is very effective at protecting against human error and misconfigured IAM policies and/or security groups. Non-peered VPC residing within the same account provides excellent network later isolation and protects against similar types of policy misconfigurations. Additionally, Connectria provided advanced security support, with its AWS 24/7 security incident response and administration security operations center (SOC) and Advanced intrusion prevention and automated security tooling.

“For me, what it came down to, was that Connectria offered more services specifically around security at entry level. I need to be able to monitor things, from a security perspective, without having those services as an add on. Connectria had security as more of a prominent focus at the base level which was exactly what I was looking for. We have several developers involved, so it was important to have a way to deploy changes without errors. We did a lot of work on our end to identify the best process and Connectria helped us further develop the deployment process we now have active,” said Anderson.


Connectria handled Luma’s cloud migration and continues providing support for the management of Luma’s AWS environment. “Our relationship with Connectria has been really good for us. Creating and having the DevOps deployment process has been my favorite part about working with Connectria. It’s significantly better than what we were doing previously and a major improvement on our side,” said Anderson.

He continues, “We also have incident response assistance that we thankfully haven’t had a need requiring Connectria to show that side of their support. While hopefully we never do, it’s a comfort to know support is readily available in the event it is ever needed. Any time I have raised a ticket with Connectria’s team, I’ve been happy with the level of support.”

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