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Case Study: CourtCall Delivers Updated Virtual Court Services with Customized AWS Solutions



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CourtCall is a video call software company primarily serving law offices and state courtrooms. Today, CourtCall is the industry leader for conducting remote court appearances throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide. CourtCall was initially migrated by Connectria’s professional services team to AWS, after which the project moved to the managed services team to provide continued AWS support.

Connectria’s experience transcends migration and offers transformational automation that helped CourtCall take advantage of DevOps and containerization to help make their infrastructure and processes faster and more efficient. Additionally, CourtCall was looking for post-migration maintenance assistance to take advantage of an established relationship with a team already familiar with their environment rather than engaging a new partner.


Needing a third party to review their AWS infrastructure for security and efficiency before migration go-live, CourtCall’s development partner referred the company to Connectria. Within their environment, CourtCall was using Docker containers and their team wanted to incorporate automation that would allow for more efficiency in their release process. Connectria was tasked with reviewing the environment, making necessary changes, and providing support following the go-live event.


Connectria performed a complete discovery and assessment of the environment and created a plan to rebuild an infrastructure with nine EC2 instances, four RDS instances, and ten Fargate tasks. The environment was rebuilt incorporating changes relative to security and efficiency. The new infrastructure design allowed for a production environment that followed the AWS security best practices. In addition, Connectria’s design enhanced the client’s management of their Docker containers. CourtCall now has four self-contained environments in AWS.

To make the environment more automated and efficient, Connectria wrote a custom GitLab automation allowing CourtCall to perform rolling updates instead of manually pushing them. These Gitlab updates have allowed CourtCall to push features more quickly which has been especially beneficial during the pandemic where video conferencing services for courts, have largely gone virtual.

Lastly, Connectria is providing AWS managed services for the client, including server monitoring and incident response management, monthly health checks, on-demand IAM configuration and management, on-demand security governance, and more.


The optimizations made by Connectria have allowed CourtCall to push product updates into their platform much more quickly than before, resulting in a more robust delivery of new features. This has allowed CourtCall to adapt quickly and provide their customers with the tools needed to adapt to a growing virtual presence.

“Connectria created custom monitoring which has further enabled speed to market and greater access to analytics. The specific endpoints of CourtCall’s application are monitored, so that’s a level of customization they wouldn’t get out of the box with AWS Cloudwatch. These services are key in helping CourtCall with uptime and cost management,” said Jeremy Steinert, Connectria CTO.

Connectria has worked in tandem with CourtCall’s development teams to build custom solutions that fit their specific application. This also includes in-depth monitoring and reporting capabilities that allow CourtCall to make the right decisions for their business and manage their infrastructure costs appropriately.

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