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A Look at Connectria’s New Singapore Data Centers




June 18, 2024

Drawing on nearly three decades as one of the world’s largest providers of IBM i and AIX hosting, Connectria’s recently announced Singapore data centers deliver a state-of-the-art IBM Power infrastructure built on the latest IBM hardware with < 2 millisecond low latency connectivity to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Asia Pacific region (ap-southeast-1).

The new data center facilities are designed to bolster cloud adoption and modernization for IBM i and AIX systems throughout the APAC region, offering the seamless integration of public cloud with traditional IT environments. The two Connectria data centers will also enable inner region Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) with connectivity to all AWS Availability Zones (AZs).

This data center expansion effort will help businesses in APAC meet the rising demand for infrastructure modernization and hybrid cloud adoption. These new data centers join Connectria’s already global data center footprint, with facilities in Europe and across the United States.

A quick look inside

Equinix SG5 Exterior
Equinix SG5 Data Hall

How it’s designed

We carefully selected Singapore as the next stage in our data center expansion because of the convenient access to the AWS ap-southeast-1 region. The two new data centers are strategically positioned in Southeast Asia to access key regional networks connecting South Asia and international networks with broader access across the rest of Asia. This enables us to bring our IBM hybrid solution with AWS to companies in FinServ, biomedical sciences, manufacturing, engineering, retail, and other enterprise businesses across Asia.

In keeping with our commitment to consistent data center capabilities, both Singapore data centers are ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC 1 Type, and SOC 2 certified. Other Singapore data center benefits include:

  • Key aggregation point for networks in Southeast Asia
  • Home to one of the world’s top internet peering exchanges
  • Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) compliant to MAS guidelines
  • Vital connectivity gateway to one of the largest collection of network service providers
  • Multiple interconnected sites offer business continuity and disaster recovery operation
  • Centrally positioned in Southeast Asia to access key financial, technology, and healthcare firms

The new Connectria Singapore data centers will run IBM POWER10 servers, IBM Flash System Storage, and Virtual Tapes for backups. This architecture can support the following Operating Systems:

  • IBM i – V7r3, V7r4, and V7r5
  • IBM AIX – 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 (7.1 tl5 sp3 in POWER8 compatibility mode and 7.2 tl6 sp2 in POWER9 compatibility mode)

These data centers will also feature tooling support with flash copy integrated with BRMS for backups, SAN-to-SAN replications for DR, and logical replication for DR as required.

Unlock new possibilities for your IBM infrastructure

Integrating IBM power systems with AWS creates a seamless hybrid experience. The low-latency direct connection enables workloads to access AWS services and resources with high speed and secure connectivity. Connectria’s data center presence in Singapore unlocks a phased approach to IBM modernization with AWS for business in Singapore and across the Asia Pacific region. The phased approach starts with a data-driven assessment and plan for your IBM i, AIX, and X86/intel infrastructure. Starting here helps establish a clear business case for IBM modernization and hybrid cloud.

Next, rapidly migrate to a hybrid architecture with AWS using a proven methodology and AWS acceleration funding. Reduce your data center footprint and offset migration costs with MAP funding. Connectria can help manage your infrastructure enabling you to deliver business impact by offloading day-to-day cloud management and optimization tasks. Managed services ensure mission critical workloads run seamlessly while improving performance, availability, and security. Refactor your traditional applications and adopt cloud native services for data analytics, capital IoT, AI/ML, and more. Transform applications with modern cloud capabilities.

Modernization at your fingertips

Singapore and APAC based businesses can finally embrace modernization for IBM-based infrastructure with the help of Connectria’s experts. We’re excited to bring modern cloud capabilities to businesses running Power Systems (IBM i, AIX) workloads.

Our new data center presence offers high availability deployments, improved disaster recovery, advanced user experiences, and sophisticated data analytics powered by AWS.

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