News February 25, 2020

Connectria Launches Carbon-Neutral “Green Cloud” in North America and the European Union

St. Louis, MO

Connectria, a global provider of managed cloud services and cloud hosting, has launched a Carbon-Neutral “Green Cloud” in both North America and the European Union (EU).  Connectria’s Green Cloud allows companies running IBM i and VMware systems to reduce their energy consumption by as much as 95% and be carbon neutral running IBM i and VMware workloads.  The energy savings are made possible by a unique systems architecture developed and implemented by Connectria, and through Connectria’s advanced data centers including its newest data center in Amsterdam.

“Connectria’s Amsterdam data center is a model of energy efficiency and sustainability, designated as a Leed Gold facility,” said Rusty Putzler, COO of Connectria. “The facility is ISO 14001 and 50001 certified and uses a mix of biomass and hydro power to achieve 100% renewable energy consumption while maintaining reliability for our customers.  The heat generated by the data center is captured and used to heat buildings on the University of Amsterdam campus. It is one of the most energy-efficient data centers in the world and helps us deliver a carbon-neutral footprint across our IBM i and VMware Clouds.”

“The Green Cloud Initiative is right in line with our No Jerks Allowed philosophy,” said Rich Waidmann, founder, President and CEO of Connectria. “We talk a lot about No Jerks Allowed when it comes to how we treat our customers and employees, but it’s really much more than that.  Data centers account for about 3% of all energy consumption worldwide and growing, and we want to be good stewards of our planet. By creating carbon-neutral IBM i and VMware Clouds, Connectria is doing our part to take care of our planet, and not be jerks.”

About Connectria

Founded in 1996, Connectria has been ranked 15-times as a Best Place To Work, and provides award-winning cloud hosting, cloud managed services, cloud security, and cloud management software for more than 1,000 customers worldwide.  We were the 1st HIPAA compliant managed hosting company and the 1st company to deliver HIPAA and PCI compliance in AWS and Azure. We are also the largest IBM i (AS/400) cloud provider in the world.  Through the addition of WSM in 2019, we have also become a leader in providing cloud migration and transformation services for organizations of all sizes.

At the core of Connectria is our No Jerks Allowed® company philosophy, where every employee goes “the extra mile” to take care of our customers.  Being The Jerk Free Company® extends beyond our people too. We’re easy to do business with through flexible terms, scalable solutions, and straight-forward pricing to meet the technology needs of organizations of all sizes.

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