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Blog May 27, 2014

Top 7 Reasons Companies are Moving to AWS

This content was updated for 2019, check out the updated article here

Public clouds are an excellent choice for the safest of workloads. Properly moving to cloud can provide a multitude of substantial and extensive benefits. Below are the top seven reasons why so many of our customers are utilizing our AWS services.

1. Cost

The pay-per-use is an attractive pricing model for start-ups and enterprises alike. Ultimately, users who may have highly variable computing needs may realize significant savings with their IT costs.

2. Scalability

AWS instances can be ramped up or down at the push of a button (given the environment is set up correctly of course). Organizations experiencing a large spike in traffic due to a hot selling product, a major news release or seasonality can truly appreciate this capability

3. No capital expenses

AWS works as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) which enables companies to establish their data center in the cloud with no investment in physical hardware or data center space. Rake in the savings or utilize it for your core business objectives, not IT.

4. Speed & Agility

Companies can develop and deploy applications faster by acquiring almost instant access to virtually unlimited computing power. Essentially, software providers can deploy their products in a Software-as-a-Service model, eliminating the need for clients to install the software locally or maintain their own internal data centers.

5. No Latency

With multiple data centers all around the world, you can be sure there is a data center very close to wherever you or your customers are located.

6. Self-Service Model

IT teams can make changes to their environments on the fly- no need for physical hardware upgrades!

7. Easy Start-Up

Launching small EC2 instances in AWS may be simple, but maintaining and monitoring these instances may prove to be more of a challenge. Additionally, more companies are utilizing the help of an AWS reseller or a certified consultant to take care of these day-to-day tasks to ensure max uptime.

Contact Connectria if you think it’s time for your business to consider AWS. Partner with a managed AWS provider that can do the heavy lifting while introducing some extra savings along the way.

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