AWS Well-Architected Review by Connectria

Optimize your AWS workloads based on the 5 pillars of the Well-Architected Framework.

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What is a Well Architected Review?

A Well Architected Review is a systematic evaluation of your AWS environment based on the 5 pillars of the “Well Architected Framework”. The process helps you evaluate your cloud workloads against the latest best practices for operational efficiency, cost optimization, security, performance, and reliability.

Our Well-Architected Reviews are conducted by AWS certified cloud architects who are trained to help you develop secure, scalable, and cost effective environments based on the Well-Architected Framework.

Achieve better ROI from your cloud infrastructure

Our cloud architects will perform an in-depth assessment of your AWS workloads and help you adopt the latest best practices that can help you deliver the technical results your business needs—while optimizing cost and identifying security gaps in your current workloads.

Tighten Security

Identify holes in your security with a comprehensive risk assessment.

Improve Compliance

Uncover exposed resources and non-compliant practices.

Optimize Performance

Right-size your resource utilization for maximum performance.

Reduce Cloud Cost

Optimize elasticity and usage to reduce your monthly cloud costs.

Earn a $5,000 AWS credit by completing a Well-Architected Review with Connectria.*

*To qualify for AWS credit, 25% of any high-risk items (HRIs) must be resolved within 30 days of the review.

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The Key Benefits of a Well-Architected Review

Get actionable insights to improve cost, security, reliability, operational excellence, and performance efficiency.

Identify security and compliance vulnerabilities and mitigate risks before issues arise.

Get up to date with the latest and greatest AWS services that can provide immediate value to your business.

Align your technical capabilities with business needs to deliver value across the organization.

Gain a competitive advantage by modernizing your AWS cloud architecture with the Well-Architected Framework.

Uncover immediate cost savings and performance gains by fine tuning your workloads.

Powering mission critical workloads for companies around the world

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Connectria to lead your Well-Architected Review?

Having performed over 2,000 cloud engagements, and actively supporting thousands of mission critical workloads across a variety of regulated industries, our team is uniquely qualified to assess your cloud architecture and help deploy a scalable and secure solution based on the latest and greatest best practices. Our team will be able to quickly identify security & compliance vulnerabilities, cost saving opportunities, and provide clearly defined solutions for improving your environments.

How much does the review cost?

An expert guided Well-Architected Review costs $5,000 upfront, but can be subsidized through AWS remediation credits applied to your account, making the net cost $0 for qualifying accounts (see below).

How do I qualify for the $5,000 AWS remediation credit?

To receive a $5,000 credit towards your AWS account, a minimum of 25% of HRIs (high-risk items) identified in your review must be resolved within 30 days.

How long does the review take?

A Well-Architected Review typically requires between 1-4 hours of your time, and takes up to 14 days to complete, depending on the size and complexity of your workload.

What are the deliverables of a Well-Architected Review?

During your review, you’ll receive:

  • Identification of items that do not conform to best practices based on the Well-Architected Framework
  • Prioritization of risks/opportunities by criticality
  • Roadmap of estimated time and cost to resolve the identified issues
  • Documentation of key findings that can be shared with other stakeholders
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