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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Hosting

Virtual Desktop and Remote Application Hosting

Rapidly deploy secure, high availability Citrix environments to power your remote workforce.

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Citrix Virtual Desktop and Application users under management.


Companies around the world rely on our managed hosting & services to keep mission critical infrastructure up and running at top performance.


Customer satisfaction by being 100% solution focused.

What are Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops?

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop) lets IT transform Windows apps and entire desktops into on-demand services delivered securely to web based workspaces on any device, in any location.

Windows app and desktop virtualization powered by Citrix provides benefits beyond standard Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) appliance solutions, delivering fully-functioning virtual Windows or Linux desktops and the apps employees need to remain productive. A virtual desktop delivered by Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops looks and feels the same as a locally installed desktop.

Deliver a modern remote work experience

Give your team everything they need to work securely from home with any device, anywhere.

Secure connections from any employee device

With nearly 80% of employees currently working from home, often on unsecured networks and personal devices, the risk of compromised accounts and data breach is higher than ever.

Citrix gives your remote employees the ability to access work applications, documents, and files through a managed and secure gateway, even on their personal devices. Ensuring that all of your data is encrypted, and employees can work where they want, on any device or network.

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Easily transition your apps to the cloud

Traditional app migration to the cloud often requires years of expensive development, and suffers from slow user adoption.

With virtualized access to your Windows applications, Citrix provides quick and cost effective path towards migrating your traditional desktop apps to the cloud. We can help you deliver a seamless user experience in the cloud almost immediately. So your entire remote workforce will have secure, high availability access to your mission critical applications.
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Get ahead of business disruptions

Whether it’s an isolated event or a global virus outbreak, disruptions can impact business of all sizes. When they do, it’s crucial to ensure your employees can work safely and securely from anywhere.

With Citrix, you can enable a seamless work from home experience while maintaining data protection, compliance, and centralized administration across your entire remote workforce. We’ll help you quickly deploy and maintain a Citrix solution to keep your business productive, no matter the disruption.

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Helping businesses around the world focus on innovation instead of infrastructure

Complete Citrix solutions

As a Citrix-certified solutions advisors and service providers, we’re experienced in end-to-end system design, deployment, migration, support, and management services for hundreds of businesses and over 60,000 Citrix users around the world.

If you’re looking to rapidly scale your remote workforce by providing remote desktops, improve your IT security and compliance for remote access, or provide your users with access to virtual applications from any device, we can help.

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Cost effective turnkey solutions to deploy enterprise class clouds and remote Windows applications within hours

Desktop and app virtualization in managed public, private, or hybrid cloud environments for any number of users

Complete network, server, and storage configurations tailored to your business

In-depth vulnerability scans, auditing, and compliance checks

Managed O/S updates and patches

Extensive network and security monitoring

Managed Citrix solutions tailored to your business, in any cloud

Cutomized private cloud

Run your virtual desktops and applications in a fully managed high availability private cloud. Our state of the art data centers are designed to help you leverage a dedicated, secure, and cost effective cloud infrastructure without the hardware, facilities, and maintenance overhead.

Citrix in Microsoft Azure

Combine the elasticity of Microsoft Azure with the enterprise security of Citrix virtual applications and desktops. Citrix in Azure lets you schedule when resources are active, and quickly spin up new user environments as demand shifts, ensuring no dollar goes to waste.

Hybrid cloud environments

Get the right blend of security and scalability by leveraging Citrix Cloud Virtual Apps and Desktops with the scale and simplicity of public clouds like Azure and AWS, and the security of private cloud hosting.

Backed by industry-leading 24x7 managed services and support

Deploying and managing your Citrix Virtual Desktop and Application environment with Connectria instantly adds over 10 years of Citrix expertise to your organization.

Our customer-centric engineering, sales, support, and services team will help you design and deploy the right remote workforce solutions for your business, and keep your IT environments running at peak performance.

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You're in good hands

Let our award winning engineering & services team handle your infrastructure, so you can focus on your business.

Infrastructure Support & Security
  • 24x7 Ticket Support & Remote Hands
  • Advanced Customer Portal and Admin Access
  • Managed DNS with Optional Self-Service DNS Interface
  • Managed Premium Server AntiVirus Protection with Managed Updates
  • Advanced Server-Based Intrusion Prevention
  • Advanced Server Hardening Of Operating Systems & System Software
  • Server File Integrity Monitoring
  • Network Security
  • Firewall with Intrusion Prevention System and URL Filtering
  • Advanced Network Intrusion Detection
  • Network and Server Vulnerability Scanning
  • Global Threat Prevention
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Advanced Data Encryption Support for Data at Rest and Data in Transit
  • Managed Updates & Monitoring
  • Managed OS Security Patches & Critical Updates
  • Custom Alerts, Restarts and Escalation
  • On-Demand Systems Administration Services
  • Custom Service and Process Monitoring
  • Compliance Services
  • Omnibus Compliant Business Associate Agreement (for HIPAA)
  • Externally Provided Vulnerability Scanning
  • Advanced Security Review and Server Information Event Management (SIEM)
  • Multi-Dimensional Security Services with Centralized Logging
  • Advanced Device and Media Controls with Media Disposal
  • Application Access Controls
  • Facility Logs & Audits
  • Annual Audit Assessment and Ongoing Compliant Employee Controls
  • Connectria + Citrix Testimonials

    Connectria had a clear understanding around what it was we needed, and how to help us execute that vision. They had a plan from day one, which ultimately led to a very smooth implementation.

    Richard Broome
    Chief Information Officer,
    Host Analytics

    Lots of the companies I interviewed didn’t seem to have an in-depth knowledge or robust Citrix offering. In checking Connectria’s references, it was clear that they were experts in Citrix hosting, and a provider that we trusted partnering with.

    Bruce Romanello
    Romanello Consulting

    The high level of responsiveness and understanding of our business and customers that they demonstrated in the sales process continued after the sale. The implementation was quick and smooth, and Connectria assisted us throughout the entire process.

    David Marlin

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