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AWS Migration Assessment

Take the next step on your cloud journey with a comprehensive migration plan, TCO analysis, and business case for migrating to AWS.

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Audited Managed Services Provider
Well Architected
Healthcare Competency
Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server
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Start your AWS journey with a free migration assessment*

Our AWS-certified solution architects are ready to help you plan, prepare, and migrate to the cloud.

What’s included in an AWS Migration Assessment

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis for your cloud infrastructure vs. your existing environment.

In-depth application mapping and infrastructure discovery to analyze your current environment and determine the best path to the cloud.

Business justification for moving your on-premise workloads to AWS.

A migration plan with best-fit storage and compute configurations, instances, networking, licensing models, and pricing.

Here to answer your cloud questions

Our cloud migration assessment is designed to answer your most pressing questions while eliminating critical business and technical concerns holding you back from cloud adoption.

What will it cost to move and run my workloads in AWS?
What will my future AWS environment look like?
How do I manage my existing software licenses in AWS?
How much money will I save?

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Connectria is an Audited Managed Service Provider and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with Migration, DevOps, Managed Services, Microsoft Windows on EC2, Healthcare, and Public Sector competencies.

*Eligible companies can qualify for a free migration assessment, migration services, and additional AWS discounts through AWS funding programs available to Connectria. Contact us today to learn about the funding programs available for your business.

Why choose Connectria for your cloud migration?

With 20+ years of mission critical hosting and managed services experience, we can help you bridge the gap between your current IT infrastructure and the public cloud.


Successful server migrations.


Net Promoter Score, over 3x the industry average.


Customer satisfaction by being 100% solution-focused.