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Level Up Your Managed Services Business – Integrating With Larger Partners




July 24, 2019

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Managed Services Providers play a vital role in reducing overhead and enabling client’s vital in-house IT resources to focus on more important tasks. With the ability to free those resources up from those time-intensive yet essential tasks of monitoring, managing, and patching their infrastructure, MSPs are a perfect supplement to in-house IT teams.

However, in order to remain competitive and ensure that they’re able to continue meeting the needs of their clients, MSPs have to work both smarter and harder. Being complacent with a “decent” sized client base and a few key portfolio offerings may be enough to keep you afloat today, but failing to grow with new innovations could leave you and your clients in the dust tomorrow.

Getting Left Behind — WAY Behind

As traditional solutions collide with the latest technological innovations, your clients are presented with a rather significant challenge — staying relevant. As fast as technology evolves, organizations that attempt to attack the problem solely in-house quickly find that it can not only be extraordinarily costly, it quickly diminishes the overall effectiveness of their IT team.

With average and smaller sized MSPs not being able to feasibly afford the financial and time investment required to add every possible service, these client needs have to be met by someone else. However, the loss of potential revenue is only the beginning of the possible repercussions.

Clients that have to resort to turning to your competitors for additional services are more likely to completely move their business to those competitors. Package offers are enticing and of course the competitor is going to do everything they can to get as much business as they can…even at your expense. Remaining in line with innovation means ensuring that your current clientele’s needs are met today and tomorrow and that your managed services continue to be attractive to future customers.

Staying Relevant Today AND Tomorrow

Strategic partnerships are key to remaining relevant. With the ability to go live within days, or even hours in many cases, leveraging the abilities of larger organizations simply makes too much sense to ignore.

Completely eliminating the time involved in becoming certified for various managed services, not to mention the monetary investment required, means that MSPs of all sizes have everything to gain by leveraging managed service partnerships themselves. Sitting idly by while your customers turn to others and your competition grows beyond reach will most assuredly result in rough seas in the future.

Partnerships are virtually the only solution that enables MSPs like you to expand their service offerings overnight. While your teams are likely experts at infrastructure management, monitoring, and patching, other organizations have portfolios that are lucrative to both you and your clients.


These days, many of your clients are likely subject to various regulatory requirements. Collaborating with a partner that provides these solutions and is a proven leader will serve to ensure that your level of service is complimented while also strengthening your brand. Adding these capabilities to your service offerings can also open you to a whole new world of clientele. PCI compliance enables you to provide hosting and other services to eCommerce and enterprise customers, while HIPAA encompasses virtually the entire medical industry.

You want your client’s mission critical environments and sensitive data to be provided a level of care that goes above and beyond expectations. With the right partner, they get a comprehensive set of tools and processes that are also backed by a team of highly-skilled engineers that are focused on ensuring the security, reliability, and performance of their systems.

Disaster Recovery

On-site or in-house disaster recovery still has its uses in a few remote cases but with the advent of cloud technology, it almost always makes more sense to leverage the cloud’s power instead. Without geographical disbursement, local disasters can work double duty by either damaging both the main and recovery system, or wrecking so much havoc that physical access to the location is impossible. Either way, this means downtime and lost revenue for those organizations.

With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), your client’s physical and visual servers, including the data and applications running on them, are replicated and securely hosted off-site. This enables automatic failover of their primary systems in the event of any type of disaster and with a much more streamlined failback process, data interruption is next to nil and recovery is quick and efficient.

Chances are, many of your clients have neither the time nor the resources to dedicate to disaster recovery. Procuring skilled staff and maintaining 24×7 management can be rather challenging for them as well. Offering DRaaS will enable them to leverage their infrastructure and be geographically dispersed.

Cloud Connections & More

Even offering a single cloud service is an expensive and somewhat drawn-out process and these days, having only one is precluding you from managing entire swaths of your target client base. Instead of spending thousands of dollars and months or even years working to become experts on any one of the popular cloud solutions, once again a strategic partnership can level up your business to entirely new spectrums.

Whether it’s private cloud services or popular public cloud offerings from AWS, Google, or Azure, or they need hosting for IBM, Unix, VMware, or AIX, a partnership with Connectria provides it all. Additionally, we deliver fully audited HIPAA & PCI compliant solutions and disaster recovery services along with a line of managed hosting packages that can be extraordinarily beneficial to both you and your clients.

Contact us today for more information on how partnering with Connectria can help you expand your portfolio and help reach your MSP’s full potential. Don’t let a single additional client take these type of services to a competitor. We’ve been at the forefront of cloud computing since 2005 and we can help ensure that your clients receive the best services available, all in true partnership with your organization.



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