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Introducing Connectria’s IBM and AWS Hybrid Architecture




November 16, 2020

Introducing Connectria’s IBM with AWS Hybrid Cloud

Today, most companies recognize the clear benefits of digital transformation, from improved IT agility and global scale to the cost-saving benefits of the transition from CapEx to OpEx. But despite an organization’s transformation goals, many companies still rely on traditional infrastructure—like IBM Power Systems—to run business-critical applications, while latency concerns and complex workload dependencies keep them tied to the corporate data center without a clear path to cloud adoption.

Recently, we shared news of our new hybrid cloud offering coming soon in 2021, which allows businesses to run IBM Power Systems workloads on-net with AWS. With our strong expertise in both IBM and cloud migrations, we work with a lot of iSeries platform team leaders and Power Systems users who are making strides toward the cloud but haven’t found a path around on-prem data center business, unable to solve or connect on options around their IBM i environments. We know where these conversations typically go and are excited to help you embrace the cloud with a simplified path forward.

Exiting the Data Center

More than 80 percent of IBM Power Systems workloads rely on Windows or Linux x86 infrastructure in the same data center. If IBM Power Systems is one of the last remaining obstacles in your digital transformation journey, Connectria’s new hybrid cloud, IBM on-net with AWS, helps you jump over the hurdle and finally make a plan to exit the data center while keeping business-critical IBM workloads running.

By deploying an IBM hybrid cloud on-net with AWS, we can help you significantly reduce your data center footprint and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) by migrating those related x86 workloads to cloud-native services that improve the scalability, cost, and performance of your environment.

The Low Down on Latency

Connectria’s IBM hybrid cloud, hosted on-net with AWS US-East and US-West regions, allows for low latency direct connections between your IBM i/AIX workloads and AWS instances. This low latency connection opens up new opportunities including:

  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Enabling modern data analytics
  • More reliable high availability (HA) configurations
  • New access to IoT, AI/ML, and other cloud services

By enabling so many new opportunities and possibilities, this solution provides an ideal foundation for longer-term cloud migration goals. Adding IBM i and AIX workloads into AWS addresses, and reduces, your concerns about moving workloads to the cloud. With Connectria, you can combine your business-critical IBM i and AIX-based workloads with the powerful capabilities of AWS to create a more seamless and scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Augmentation and Modernization

This hybrid solution enables a more simplified path to modernization looking at X86 modernization in AWS as opposed to replatforming the Power System platform to run on AWS. Connectria traditionally helps customers by augmenting existing staff as they retire or turnover. Our experts step in and handle production workloads and in the end, customers get the services with the capability, not just hardware. When it comes to augmentation, we’re simply taking an X86 platform that already runs on AWS and making it run better and scale better, by simplifying all the things that were hard to do in your own data center.

Learn more about the first fully managed hybrid cloud for running IBM i and AIX workloads with AWS. Connectria is an award-winning IBM hosting provider, an advanced AWS consulting partner with migration and managed services competencies, and a leader in delivering end-to-end cloud migration and managed services. We’re focused on connecting today’s infrastructure with tomorrow’s world.

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