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Cloud Control for the Forward-Thinking CTO




January 23, 2020

Cloud Control for the Forward Thinking CTO

Today’s CIOs and CTOs understand that growing complexity in their infrastructure means growing complexity in their IT management strategies. However, as technology rarely develops in a linear fashion. That is to say, adding a new tool or technology to the stack can have far-reaching and compounding negative effects on the actual management and maintenance of that technology.

For example, implementing new software isn’t just about that software itself. You also need a plan to make sure the software integrates properly with all of the other tools your team uses. You need new security policies to govern your environment with the new tool included. You’ll need training, monitoring, and maintenance to make sure that the new piece in your puzzle fits well with all the other pieces.

However, technology continues to advance and be adopted by businesses at an accelerating rate. It’s not an option to shut the door on potential tools and applications that can propel your business forward. Savvy leaders recognize that there are now options for reducing complexity, mitigating risk, and bringing new technology investments together with less friction than ever before.

When Control Matters Most

Nowhere are these tools more necessary than when it comes to managing cloud infrastructure. From AWS to Azure to Google, public cloud options offer users computing and storage capacity unimaginable just a few short years ago. The downside? Getting the most out of the cloud can be a tricky business. Modules, services, tools…the catalog of what’s available when it comes to cloud infrastructure is as long as it is varied.

Finding a cloud management tool that works for you to simplify complexity without sacrificing function is of critical importance.

Introducing TRiA

TRiA is a cloud management platform (CMP) from Connectria, a leading global technology solutions provider and is the solution for a variety of scenarios:

  • CIOs looking to increase their level of governance through automation, cost control, and policy enforcement.
  • Those in operations or security roles that need that virtual “eyes on glass” to ensure security and compliance.
  • Developers looking to streamline provisioning and automation capabilities.
  • Organizations looking to gain visibility into costs and resource utilization across all of their current cloud environments.
  • Managing business spend and your all-important infrastructure is available in the here and now.

TRiA is a CMP that truly allows you to manage multiple clouds under a single dashboard-driven platform. These include today’s hyper-scale AWS, VMWare, Azure, and GCP clouds and even legacy IBM i environments through x86.

Your organization can see a demo or even test drive TRiA free for 14 days, and after reviewing the added benefits of this unique CMP, we think you’ll find that it’s perfect for your needs.

Advantages with TRiA

With TRiA, you get the following advantages:

  • Easily monitor security and compliance for a wide range of regulations and frameworks including HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, NIST, ISO 27001, and more.
  • Improve productivity and user experience with 24/7 performance monitoring of your cloud-based resources.
  • Improve security, compliance, and adherence to best-practices with custom governance procedures across clouds and regions.
  • The added benefit of a single dashboard to access all cloud resources: public, private, and hybrid.
  • Spin down underutilized resources and other automated tasks to significantly increase your efficiency.
  • By using customizable automation that takes immediate action and helps you cut time to resolution, your IT department becomes more efficient overall.
  • Easy integration of TRiA’s cloud governance tools with existing solutions such as internal trouble-ticketing systems means faster adoption overall.
  • Monitor all cloud resources with rules customized to meet your unique business needs.

Other Prominent Features

Of course, security and compliance management is a major feature of TRiA.

  • With TRiA’s built-in compliance packs or your own custom parameters, you can automate security and compliance.
  • Easily identify resource compliance issues and take immediate, real-time action with over 200+ compliance checks.
  • When new issues arise such as non-compliant resources added to the system, trigger alerts can automatically notify you according to your custom parameters.

While these benefits are outstanding on their own, when it comes to maximizing cloud investments, TRiA gives you greater visibility into your resource utilization across cloud environments so you can:

  • Analyze spending trends by resource type, month, and cloud.
  • Forecast monthly spend and identify outliers.
  • Lower costs and calculate total savings available by removing idle or unused resources and identifying opportunities for using Reserved Instances
  • Automatically spin down environments based on conditions such as CPU utilization, non-usage, or other guidelines and custom variables in order to automate cost optimization.

Cloud and Connectria

The cloud has provided us advancements that we now rely upon so readily – and there’s no telling what the next 20 years will bring us. TRiA empowers you to be able to leverage the full strength and potential of all your cloud resources while managing it all from a single dashboard.

Contact us today for more information on TRiA or any of our extensive Managed Cloud Services.



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