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Benefits of Hybrid Cloud for IBM Users




September 27, 2022

Connectria Hybrid Cloud for IBM Users AS400 iSeries

Cloud computing continues to lead the way as the most preferred IT structure for businesses. Gartner predicts that by 2025, more than 85% of businesses will adopt a cloud-first approach and won’t be positioned to execute their digital plans without a cloud architecture. While that remains true for many, others continue to retain their investment in platforms like AS400.

How do you get the best of both worlds? As businesses explore options for cloud migration and modernization, a hybrid cloud model is viewed as a strong candidate. If you’re an IBM user, consider Connectria’s IBM on-net with AWS Hybrid Cloud solution as it brings the unique capabilities of IBM Power Systems to our data centers located near AWS in US-East-1 and US-West-1.

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Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Connectria’s on-net solution provides IBM users an opportunity to embrace cloud benefits while retaining their investment in IBM. Enjoy the primary advantages of the cloud including speed, security, and scalability.

Speed: Market trends evolve at an overwhelming pace. A hybrid cloud solution can provide businesses with a number of advantages in terms of speed and flexibility. For example, a hybrid cloud systemsolutioncan allow businesses to quickly scale up or down their resources as needed, without being tied to a single provider. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that experience spikes in IT demand or need to respond to changes in the marketplace rapidly.

Security: A hybrid cloud solution offers security to a business in several ways. First, businesses can choose to store sensitive data on a private cloud while making use of the public cloud for less sensitive data. This way, the sensitive data will remain secure even in the event of a security breach on the public cloud. Businesses can also take advantage of the tools available from both public and private cloud providers. For example, they can rely on the security tools of the public cloud provider to detect threats while the private cloud prevents the threats. Finally, hybrid solutions can also provide security through redundancy. If one system is breached, the other system can continue to operate, ensuring that critical data remains accessible.

Cost: Businesses should be able to control their IT needs and the budget associated. A hybrid cloud architecture offers businesses a tailored solution that is cost-effective. Also, service providers like Connectria offer remote monitoring and management services that can reduce staffing costs.

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Why IBM Users Choose Connectria

In April 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) named Connectria as one of its Premier Consulting Partners, the highest of all AWS Partner Network as reported on IT Jungle. Connectria is focused on satisfying the customer’s needs and delivering the best possible experience – whether it be a quick cloud adoption by rehosting or a paced retaining strategy.

Centralizing IBM Management

Connectria can combine IBM i, AIX, and AWS which subsequently simplifies the management of your infrastructure. This enables businesses to streamline operations, reduce data center footprint, and free up IT resources by leveraging our managed services. By running your IBM i or AIX-based job on the cloud, you also reap the benefits like:

  • Better disaster recovery
  • Improved reliability and HA configurations
  • Access to contemporary data analytics, IoT, AI, and Machine Learning

Rehosting Support

Rehosting, also known as “lift and shift”, is a cloud migration strategy favored by many Connectria customers. The primary focus of this strategy is bringing mainframe applications to the cloud. This is the quickest and easiest way to take advantage of cloud benefits as it requires the least amount of changes to current functionalities.

The biggest benefit of rehosting with Connectria’s IBM on-net Hybrid Cloud Solution is that we can help your business avoid costly application refactoring that might be necessary with other providers. Our team of IBM i/AS400 experts can help you plan and execute your migration smoothly and efficiently.

For example, more than 80 percent of IBM Power Systems workloads run alongside x86 infrastructure within the same data center. We can migrate both the IBM Power Systems and x86 infrastructure to reduce your data center footprint and lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) by taking advantage of optimized AWS native services.

Retaining IBM

Cloud migration and modernization can be costly and lengthy projects. Here, our experts ensure proper prioritization of work. This ensures your business-critical systems remain as-is allowing for day-to-day business operations to continue unaffected.

We want to help you embrace the benefits of the cloud while also retaining your investment in the POWER platform for as long as possible. Our on-net solution offers the ability to move to the cloud at your own pace, modernize now, and make your way to the cloud on your own timetable. We leverage a phased approach that allows you to realize benefits and continue to use familiar tools and processes.

Superior Support

Connectria’s IBM on0net hybrid cloud solution offers the unique benefits of IBM Power Systems and the flexibility of the cloud, all while being cost-effective and efficient. We can help you migrate your workloads quickly and easily, without incurring the costs associated with traditional infrastructure.

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