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5 Ways Managed Services Help You Do More with Less in Cloud




April 27, 2023

Finding the right cloud managed services provider can help your organization reduce cloud spend and efficiently manage your resources. The right provider can also offer guidance as well as support cost-effective cloud strategies. Below we discuss a number of ways a managed service helps you reduce cloud spend.

1. Effective resource optimization

Resource optimization is key to controlling your cloud costs. A managed services provider, like Connectria, can work with you to optimize your AWS instances and Azure workloads. Then, we’ll continuously monitor your cloud environment to identify any unused, idle, or duplicate resources that can drive up costs, and introduce architectural efficiencies to increase performance and maximize ROI.

Essentially, managed services offer powerful tools for resource optimization. This can help improve deployment and service configurations to optimize resources. Not only can this result in cost savings, but it also enhances your cloud infrastructure.

2. Automated monitoring

Managed services can be great partners to improve visibility into your cloud usage. Managed services diagnostic tools, like TRiA, and automated monitoring can detect inefficient spending and identify areas where costs can be reduced.

For deployed applications, potential issues can be identified before they become expensive problems. Automated monitoring can then be used to track usage in real-time, helping to ensure that resources are being utilized effectively. Furthermore, managed services can send alerts when resource usage reaches a certain threshold, so that you can take steps to ensure cost-saving goals are met.

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3. Improve ROI

A part of the project to reduce cloud spend is about maintaining strong performance. Managed services help devise the ideal plan and improve ROI on your cloud investment. Some considerations include taking into account the type of workloads that need to be supported, compliance constraints, and security requirements.

With managed services on board, businesses can create an optimal solution for their needs without sacrificing quality. Reducing spend requires a lot of planning before any changes are made, so having an expert to guide you can be extremely helpful. Not only will this reduce cloud spend, but also enables organizations to get the most out of their investments.

4. Dedicated Cloud Talent

Doing more with less requires smart decision-making. Managed services can fill in gaps in technical talent, making sure your instances and workloads are expertly managed. Finding and retaining the right talent is a challenge for organizations of all sizes.

Managed services can provide the cloud expertise your organization needs and deliver hands-on expert support throughout your entire cloud journey—starting from your initial cloud strategy. From there, providers, like Connectria, can support cloud assessments, migrations, DevOps, digital transformation, and more.

5. Fortified Security

In 2023, security is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. One of the benefits of leveraging managed services is additional knowledge of security and regulations. Ultimately, managed service providers give organizations the peace of mind that their cloud resources are protected from malicious activities.

For example, Connectria leverages a 24×7×365 in-house Security Operations Center (SOC). This provides proactive eyes-on-glass monitoring of your AWS environment or Azure workloads. It also leverages best-in-class tooling to deliver automated and continuous security monitoring and compliance checks to ensure that your environment is protected at all times.

Connectria is also a Level 1 Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). Our managed AWS security services provide full SOC support, vulnerability scanning, compliance monitoring, 24/7 incident alerts and response, and much more.

Learn more about our AWS Managed Security Services.

Managed Services Support

By utilizing the latest in encryption and authentication technologies, managed services allow your business to rest assured that its data, environments, and workloads are safe and secure. Furthermore, professional services can provide additional security support in the form of penetration testing which can evaluate your environment for vulnerabilities.

We’ve helped companies across many industries reduce cloud spend and efficiently manage resources. From keeping costs in line to maximizing performance, our team of experts can deliver the managed service your business needs to be successful. Learn more below.

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