Connect IBM i and AIX to hyperscale cloud providers with complete flexibility

Run IBM i and AIX workloads in Connectria’s state of the art cloud with ultra low-latency connectivity to hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

  • Interconnectivity for AWS, GCP, Azure, OCI, and Alibaba Cloud.*
    (*ASEAN region only)
  • Colocation, bare metal, and private cloud options available.
  • Built on the latest IBM POWER10 hardware with support for up to P30.

A complete cloud solution for IBM Power and connected x86 infrastructure.

We don’t see your IBM i, AIX, or AS/400 workloads as obstacles—we see opportunities to connect the dots between where your business is today and the possibility of the future. Our phased approach helps you assess the best path to the cloud, migrate without disruption, simplify management, and modernize legacy applications with cloud services.


Get a data-driven analysis and plan for your IBM i, AIX, and x86/intel infrastructure.

  • Identify the right modernization and migration paths
  • Establish a clear business case


Rapidly migrate IBM workloads to a hybrid cloud architecture in as little as 3 months using our proven migration methodology.

  • Reduce your data center footprint 
  • Lower your TCO by optimizing resources and licensing


Access expert 24/7/365 managed network and security operations for IBM, x86, and public cloud workloads like AWS and Azure.

  • Simplify infrastructure management
  • Add IBM and public cloud skills to your organization


Refactor legacy apps and connect to cloud services to add modern capabilities like BI, IoT, AI/ML, and more to your traditional IBM i or AIX workloads.

  • Access modern cloud capabilities
  • Create a secure foundation for long-term refactoring

How It Works

Connecting IBM i and AIX with hyperscale cloud providers creates a seamless hybrid experience. The low-latency, direct connection enables workloads in our IBM Power Systems cloud to access public cloud services and resources with high speed and secure connectivity.

Combining IBM Power with hyperscale cloud providers enhances flexibility, scalability, and developer collaboration, fostering innovation and growth.

  • Connect IBM resources to hyperscale providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP on the same network with ultra-low latency (<2ms) speeds.
  • Built on high performance IBM POWER10 and NMVe flash storage.
  • DR replication, including physical and/or logical replication with monitoring and management
  • Extensive IBM i and AIX O/S support including: 5.4*, 6.1*, 7.1*, 7.2*, 7.3*, 7.4, 7.5 and upgrade support for older versions.
  • Complete migration support to minimize disruption of mission critical workloads.
  • Hybrid cloud observability, monitoring, and automation through the TRiA platform

Want to learn if a hybrid architecture is right for your IBM i or AIX environment?

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer custom implementations based on customer specifications, providing architectural flexibility for optimal cost and performance.

We support an extensive range of operating systems, including IBM i, OS400, and AIX (versions 5.4*, 6.1*, 7.1*, 7.2*, 7.3*, 7.4, 7.5), allowing you to avoid upgrade costs and run older applications in the cloud.

We offer extensive physical migration capabilities, supporting large data volumes via tape, disk, and network data transfer across 6 O/S versions, simplifying migrations by choosing the right technology.

We provide customized and turnkey migration support with an average duration of 3 months, simplifying the migration process to reduce risk and project duration.

We offer comprehensive backup options, including tape, VTL, disk, and cloud options with DIA to avoid egress costs and reduce TCO.

We offer both physical and logical (software) replication with full management, helping you align RTO/RPO objectives with your business case.

We provide 24/7 support, monitoring, security, compliance, data protection, change management, performance management, capacity planning, batch job support, and disaster recovery, improving operational reliability and security and allowing in-house staff to focus on ROI-based activities.

We provide a range of hosting options including shared, dedicated, bare metal, and colocation with interconnection multiple public cloud providers, allowing you to choose the right configuration options for the best ROI and TCO.

Committed to compliance

We’re 100% committed to the safety of your data and each of our services are designed with security and compliance as core principles.

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  • HIPAA Compliant
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  • HITRUST CSF Certified
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  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • SOC 1 Type 2
    SOC 2 Type 2
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  • FISMA Compliant
  • FERPA Compliant
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  • GDPR Compliant
  • ISO 27001

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