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Cut Costs and Optimize IT Operations with DBA Services

In order for enterprise applications to run efficiently, constant attention must be given to the database components that they depend on. DBAs (database administrators) are dedicated to administering the environmental aspects of these application databases. However, meeting business demands solely… FULL STORY

Student Health and HIPAA Compliance on College Campuses

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations are commonly associated with health care and health plan providers. However, HIPAA applies to all covered entities, hybrid entities and business associates, including some universities and colleges that provide student health care services… FULL STORY

Quickly Launch a Fully Managed Citrix XenApp Environment with Connectria’s Citrix Cloud Services

Connectria’s Citrix Cloud Services is a fully managed, high availability Enterprise-class solution that provides customers with a redundant infrastructure to run their applications and desktops. Each customer gets a dedicated application server that runs on a highly available VMware infrastructure. This… FULL STORY

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