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Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Solutions Powered by Connectria

Find the perfect balance of security, speed, flexibility, and performance by combining on-premises, private, and public cloud resources.

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The benefits of hybrid cloud

Business is increasingly digital. That means IT must be more flexible and provide more choices to meet new needs. Hybrid cloud allows both developers and IT to work with the flexibility they need to optimize how they support the business.

In addition, you can streamline operations, reduce your data center footprint, and free up IT resources. Hybrid infrastructure blends compute, storage, and other components from on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, with the public cloud of your choosing—such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

  • Capitalize on the low-cost approach of public cloud.
  • Integrate public cloud computing with your on-premises hardware to get the best of both worlds.
  • Scale seamlessly to handle fluctuating demand.

Hybrid Cloud Advantages

Cost savings

Hybrid reduces data center footprint and lowers total operating costs.

Increased scalability

Introducing public cloud capabilities allows you the flexibility to scale resources instantly based on your business needs.

Improved security

Hybrid delivers critical control over data and improves security through minimizing potential data exposure.


Why Connectria’s hybrid cloud?

Connectria offers a range of options for hybrid solutions. These include managed hosting services for standardized cloud solutions as well as custom managed hosting for hybrid solutions using enterprise class x86 Servers (Dell, HP, Lenovo).



24×7 advanced monitoring and management (application, cloud, infrastructure, storage, networking, database) to ensure that your entire environment is always up and running at peak performance.


24×7 comprehensive security monitoring and management by our Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure that your applications and data are secure, including both HIPAA/HITECH and PCI DSS compliance.

Cost Optimization

24×7 usage monitoring of your cloud environments to look for unused, underutilized, or inappropriately used resources to ensure you minimize costs and maximize your budget.

Hybrid cloud insights

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FAQs about hybrid cloud hosting

We answer your common questions about hybrid cloud hosting.

What is a hosted hybrid cloud?

A hosted hybrid cloud is a mix of both on site and hosted private cloud solutions. This means you can keep some of your servers on site and use a hosted cloud software to manage your data and disperse your information among other locations.

How does a hybrid cloud work?

Hybrid clouds combine onsite clouds and hosted private clouds, allowing data to move between the environments.

What are the benefits of hybrid cloud hosting?

There are a number of benefits to hybrid cloud hosting, including:

  • It keeps costs low
  • It integrates public cloud computing with onsite cloud hardware
  • It can operate behind a firewall

When it comes to HIPAA Compliant Hosting, Connectria’s knowledge, reputation, clients and competitive pricing elevates them above the rest

Patrick Karpen DISC Corporation

I haven’t found too many vendors who are flexible and tolerant in terms of understanding our needs as well as controlling costs. Connectria really demonstrated this understanding and willingness to partner with us.

Rob Pock TCS Healthcare

Connectria’s customer focus really resonated with us because it matched the way we do business with our customers, and it made us feel confident in choosing a cloud provider with these same values.

Lou Takacs ComSci

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