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Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Solutions Powered by Connectria

Find the perfect balance of security, speed, flexibility, and performance by combining on-prem, public, and public cloud resources.

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You decide which resources and applications will go on the cloud.

You choose what type of cloud or server infrastructure to be used.

You determine which resources and applications stay in-house.

Why Connectria's Hybrid Cloud?
 Connectria offers a range of hybrid cloud solutions along with unparalleled HyperCare.

24×7 advanced monitoring and management (application, cloud, infrastructure, storage, networking, database) to ensure that your entire environment is always up and running at peak performance.


24×7 comprehensive security monitoring and management by our Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure that your applications and data are secure, including both HIPAA/HITECH and PCI DSS compliance.

Cost Optimization

24×7 usage monitoring of your cloud environments to look for unused, underutilized, or inappropriately used resources to ensure you minimize costs and maximize your budget.

The benefits of hybrid clouds

Capitalizes on the low-cost approach as the public cloud
Integrates public cloud computing with onsite cloud hardware – delivering control of security & regulations
Can operate behind a firewall (similar to the private cloud)
Scalability – handles the fluctuation of computing demands

Connectria offers a range of options for customers to purchase hybrid cloud solutions. These include managed hosting services for standardized cloud solutions as well as custom managed hosting for hybrid cloud solutions using enterprise class x86 Servers (Dell, HP, Lenovo).


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When it comes to HIPAA Compliant Hosting, Connectria’s knowledge, reputation, clients and competitive pricing elevates them above the rest

Patrick Karpen DISC Corporation

I haven’t found too many vendors who are flexible and tolerant in terms of understanding our needs as well as controlling costs. Connectria really demonstrated this understanding and willingness to partner with us.

Rob Pock TCS Healthcare

Connectria’s customer focus really resonated with us because it matched the way we do business with our customers, and it made us feel confident in choosing a cloud provider with these same values.

Lou Takacs ComSci

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