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When One Plus One Equals Five | Combining Strengths Through Partnership for Greater Gains



Many parents have found themselves completely flummoxed in recent years by something they never counted on — math homework. It isn’t that they’ve forgotten basic skills since grade school, it’s that something called “new math” is causing melting brains across the country. Apparently, the “old math” just wasn’t adding things up efficiently enough.

However, parenting-woes aside, there’s another version of math that’s not only efficient, effective and easy, it’s also highly lucrative when done correctly. No, we’re not talking about some new quantum computer theory or some Arithmophobia-inducing pseudo-science calculations, we mean the kind of math that can turn heads, expand a brand’s reach, and add up to a whole lot of benefits.

Including profit.

When one plus one equals five and even more, this math just makes sense.  And when it comes to partnerships in business, this kind of multiple turns into a real benefit.

Showing Your Work

Partnerships have been utilized for countless years, from basic garage-based startups to large corporations and literally everything in-between. Enhancing reach and strengthening supply chains, a good partner can empower both sides to achieve their goals. Partnerships increase the types of goods and services offered as well as the reach – both geographic and personal – that a brand can provide.

If a good partner will help strengthen your business, then a great partner will expand your horizons.

If you’ve been in technology industry very long, chances are fairly certain that you’ve leveraged partnerships at one point or another. Whether for additional expertise, access to hardware, marketing, or even hiring new employees, the IT world is full of mutually beneficial collaborations.

However, imagine joining forces with an organization that not only provides the above attributes along with an attractive ROI, but completely opens the door to new industries and multiple market segments that were once unobtainable for you. A great partnership isn’t just about augmenting what you currently provide and filling in the gaps. It’s also about a force multiple that elevates your business into more profitable segments and larger customer sets.

At Connectria, we’re excited to partner with other technology providers to offer best-in-class solutions in a wide range of areas.  From HIPAA compliant hosting to managed cloud services, from private infrastructure to engineering and integrations, our partnership initiatives help other businesses expand their capabilities and grow into the future.

Here are just a few of the ways that a partnership with Connectria can strengthen your business today and open new doors tomorrow.


The Numbers that Matter Most: 1s and 0s

One of the fastest ways that any organization can lose public trust is to misuse or mishandle their financial or personal data. Security of this data is not only front and center on the minds of most consumers and businesses alike, but it’s also considered such a huge burden that many hosting companies are simply foregoing providing services to those clients that rely on accepting, processing, or storing credit card information.

With the ability to offer PCI compliant hosting, managed services, and support that will ensure client compliance needs are met and maintained, you can now engage with clients spanning multiple industries. Offering the highest Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in the hosting industry with strict standards for reliability, security, and support, your single partnership with Connectria means that you’ll have the ability to bridge new relationships in industries that can generate long-term and beneficial relationships.

From basic eCommerce sites to credit agencies, your complete line of services will be available and attractive to companies you once completely shied away from. By partnering with our leading security solutions and infrastructure, an entire cohort of enterprise level customers can now be part of your target market.

Adding Legacy Systems to the Equation

Countless companies around the globe have antiquated and outdated infrastructure…and time is running out. How? Because the technicians and engineers capable of supporting these systems are aging out of the workforce or leaving for advanced, non-support roles.  That in and of itself isn’t a great reason to abandon these systems, particularly if they are running mission critical applications. That’s where the team at Connectria comes in. Our engineering expertise is as wide as it is deep and older systems like IBM Series i continue to be support with unmatched expertise in the market by our experienced staff.

Whether your clients require IBM’s System p technology running AIX 7, or legacy IBM pSeries systems running earlier AIX versions (v6.1 and above), you’ll be able to offer your customers AIX hosting for any production environment. Additionally, IBM i, IBM WebSphere, and DB2 environments with 24×7 hosting and support means that you can expand your offerings into an entirely new realm.

Multiplying Your Client Base

As mentioned above, mishandling customer data can be costly. When it comes to medical information however, it can be downright illegal. If your managed IT company has worked almost exclusively with small businesses or attorneys, you’ve never had a need for HIPAA compliant hosting. But when you partner with Connectria, once again you have the ability to exponentially expand your offerings and, as a result, your roster of current clients.

Opening your doors to the healthcare industry or anyone who must comply with the HIPAA / HITECH Act security standards surrounding the storage of Protected Health Information (PHI), this is one strategic partnership that can be near awe inspiring.

A partnership with Connectria allows you to offer an extensive array of managed hosting services along with HIPAA compliance options, which includes public clouds such as AWS and Azure. Our world-class data centers and hosting services undergo annual independent 3rd party assessments to validate our 100% HIPAA/HITECH compliance, allowing you to satisfy the security obligations of the numerous healthcare and dental providers in search of service providers.

Each of our staff members are required to take and pass HIPAA Compliance certification and in order to assist your customers with achieving and maintaining their HIPAA Compliance objectives, you’ll be able to provide them with access to our HIPAA Compliance Team at no additional cost. Looking for a new market to specialize in or a niche to explore? With health care and privacy regulations increasing in combination with the digital transformation of the health sector, a partnership with Connectria means when the future happens in health-related technology, you’ll already have the infrastructure and solutions necessary to win market share.

Some Additional Options

While the above features are likely enough to grab the attention of many of you, there are even more platforms and features that become available to your firm when you partner with Connectria. Our solutions address a large spectrum of requirements, including:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Remote monitoring
  • Custom application hosting
  • Data center outsourcing
  • Pre-packaged application hosting

Unlike other hosting companies, Connectria takes great pride in the flexibility of our solutions. Our certified engineers ensure that each of our designed solutions addresses your customer’s unique requirements while fitting in to your own strategic and tactical initiatives.  And while our services are backed by exceptional 24×7 support, our focus is on engineering the right solution from the start and enabling you to expand your offerings.

We offer and support an array of platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Azure, Citrix, Linux, Oracle, Solaris, Microsoft, and VMWare. Within these platforms we offer an impressive selection of services, including: managed hosting, cloud migration, public/private/hybrid/multi-cloud hosting, application development and support, and TRiA multi-cloud management.

With Connectria, you can offer your existing clients any or ALL of the above and add entirely new industries to your prospect list.

They say that “everything happens for a reason,” but there’s absolutely no reason for you to be missing the vast opportunities of a strategic partnership with Connectria. In order to refrain from growing stagnate or even obsolete, growth is vital and partnership is the fastest path to that growth. Math jokes aside, when adding a single partnership can multiply your prospects by leaps and bounds, a partnership with Connectria makes sense. Contact us today to learn more about how together we can do great things.



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