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What is On-Demand Development and How Can It Help?




August 29, 2022

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On-demand professional services have experienced a significant shift in the last few years. More and more companies are finding themselves faced with a “do more with less” business climate requiring a new level of agility and dexterity.

Simply put, customers need managed service providers to deliver more for them. This can entail anything from web hosting to ad hoc web development, application updates, server health checks, and more. On-demand professional services portfolios have expanded to help meet mounting customer needs.

We know it’s hard to retain top talent. We also know that demands can shift month to month. You may have service needs only some months out of the year which doesn’t require a regular on-staff support role. This is where Connectria Professional Services can help. Learn more about our professional services and our on-demand development support below.

What are professional services?

According to TechTarget , professional services are a product or service that helps a customer manage a specific part of their business. Unlike a consultant, who may only be responsible for providing advice, a professional services provider may also be responsible for delivering an end result.

At Connectria, Professional Services handle project-based work, with predetermined goals and objectives, that need to be completed by a specific date. These activities are typically driven by a project manager who works with the customer to set scope, success criteria, and establish a project timeline.

On-demand development services are a subsection of professional services. It leverages engineering support on an as-needed basis for specific projects outlined in a contract or subscription. Some of Connectria’s most popular on-demand services include CMS support, e-commerce management, custom application development, and more!

CMS development

The first area of strength is our professional services support for modern Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. A good example is a customer with an out-of-date website. Typically, they come to us when they’re unable to make updates. This can be due to the fact they no longer have access to developers who built their original site. More often than not, customers come to us when the web platform they’ve been using becomes so out of date that it’s unresponsive or unsupportable.

We help folks move to a more modern and supportable platform. We can recreate the look and feel of your existing website on a modern CMS platform. This can be helpful when posting new content without internal development leveraging WYSIWYG editors instead. We can also help customers update sites with added functionality, more modern layouts, landing pages, etc.

Our goal with this service is to help customers stay competitive and up to date by implementing updated design and functionality. We work with PHP/Linux-based platforms and also .Net platforms for customers who are more Windows-centric. Whether you need a new website, an application upgrade, or a design refresh our On-Demand Professional Services provide the support you need when you need it.

e-Commerce development

Another popular professional services engagement we support is expertise in e-commerce, specifically around the Magento platform. We help customers build and develop e-commerce platforms to sell products and services from their website.

An e-commerce website is the foundation of your online retail business. Using the latest technology can increase your website’s performance and your business’s profitability. Our on-demand e-commerce development services help our customer exceed their customer expectations.

Our e-commerce support helps businesses harness functionality, improve user experience, and increase conversion rates. Beyond development, we also provide security, compliance, on-demand maintenance, and other services necessary to keep an online business moving ahead.

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Custom application development

Out-of-the-box CMS or e-commerce platform just not meeting your needs? A custom application, plugin, or integration may solve technical challenges, eliminate manual processes, and improve efficiency.

Happy with your CMS or e-commerce platform but wish it could do more? Developing a custom plugin or extension can solve the challenges of displaying your unique product catalog.

Wish you had real-time integration to back-office systems? Custom API development can bridge the gap for inventory control, order tracking, and automated updates your customers are asking for.

Whatever your need, our expert professional services consultants can meet with you to learn more about your unique business challenges and offer solutions that fit your business needs.

Benefits of on-demand development services

Ultimately, on-demand development services are technical support. Whether we’re helping with CMS, e-commerce, or custom development, the primary benefit is business continuity. The same consistent support from experts already familiar with your systems, help you with new projects as they arise.

On-demand services are also highly accessible. Our customers can easily submit requests after which we provide an estimate. After initial project scoping, set up, and approval the on-demand project would begin with little to no lead-time, saving our clients both time and money. Additionally, on-demand services are a cost-effective solution for irregular development needs.

What clients like most about our on-demand services is how it allows their teams to focus on the day-to-day of running their business, while we take care of supporting their online presence. We’re happy to help with the occasional or quarterly request from simple font changes to ensuring applications are up to date and secure.

How do I get started with on-demand services?

Connectria offers two kinds of on-demand development services. Option A allows us to keep a project open under a subscription fee where we provide project staffing continuity. Your project manager and a team of engineers are made available on hand to fix, add features, and provide various on-demand services mentioned above.

Option B follows the same base subscription fee arrangement but with a commitment to a specific number of hours per month for short project assistance. Essentially the same support is simply capped at however many hours you need in a given month. The more hours purchased up front, the better the rate per hour. Manage your budget, without surprise, and always know what to expect from month to month with our retainer plan option.

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