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Case Study: US State Government Cloud Migration



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The state wanted the flexibility and benefits of a hyperscale cloud but didn’t have the expertise to plan and implement a complex server migration. The state government is a complex entity organized into various agencies that provide an enormous list of services to its citizens, which could not be disrupted during the migration. Aggressive commitments were made for the migration of 1400 servers, which made for a more challenging engagement.


WSM performed a complete discovery process of the environment and created a migration plan that took into account the complexity and criticalness of the workload. To efficiently migrate the 1400 servers, a migration factory was set up and optimized for maximum deployment velocity while minimizing risk. Databases were migrated to AWS RDS to improve manageability.


• Migration velocity of up to 35 servers per day was achieved.

• WSM was able to balance the competing needs of the various agencies to complete an almost seamless migration.

• WSM provided additional resources for application configuration and testing, as well as source code analysis as needed to meet all migration challenges.



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