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News May 4, 2021

Karen Hockenberry Named Chief Customer Officer of Connectria, Leading Expanded Team Focused on Customer Success

St. Louis, MO – May 4, 2021

Connectria is proud to announce the promotion of Karen Hockenberry to Vice President and Chief Customer Officer (CCO), a new role focusing on churn mitigation, customer growth, and retention. Karen joined Connectria as Director of Customer Success in early 2019 after spending nearly 10 years building client relationships as a Sr. Manager of Client Services and Customer Success at Netelligent/InterVision Systems and Maritz.

“Karen is a transformational leader who has expanded and brought depth to Connectria’s already award-winning customer-centric practice. Her accomplishments have built the foundation of Connectria’s future positioning around our customers. Karen’s Customer Success Organization, which focuses on business relationships and value creation for our customers, has lent itself positively to both our customer satisfaction and engagement scores. I am proud to say that Connectria is actively engaged in conversations and opportunities that were previously unavailable, all thanks to Karen and her team.” said Rusty Putzler, COO.

Since 2019, Karen has played a key role in Connectria’s commitment to customer-centric service that provides tailored solutions to solve unique business problems reliably, efficiently, and cost-effectively – all designed to make doing business with Connectria easily and more accessibly for customers large and small. With Connectria leading hybrid initiatives for IBM modernization, the focus on a customer’s full infrastructure journey becomes our focal point.

Karen has completely transformed the Customer Success Management (CSM) team to become the cornerstone of our customer interactions, retention, and satisfaction. With the CSM team built as a strong foundation, the new Customer Success Organization will now lead all install base expansions and renewals. The existing and newly added Account Directors will work collaboratively with the existing CSM team to fully manage our client’s success and lifecycle. Customer relationships are the lifeblood of Connectria, and this new relationship-focused organization will help continue to guide and nurture customers on their technology journeys and modernization strategies.

“Karen has completely restructured the Customer Success Management team using a model that reinforces Connectria’s commitment as a customer-centric organization. She keeps our teams well-informed throughout each customer’s unique journey. In her new role she will continue to drive our strategy for customer success and retention while identifying opportunities for growth. Her passion along with her ability to bring out the best in her staff make her a perfect fit for the role of CCO,” said Dave Bagette, VP Customer Experience.

“It is my privilege to be stepping into this role and continuing to bring Connectria customers to the forefront. We are excited to strengthen our client relationships and be a strategic partner throughout their technology roadmap,” said Karen Hockenberry, VP & CCO

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