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Windows→AWS Migration

Windows to AWS Migration

Our migration experts are here to help you move your Windows workloads to AWS so you can start taking advantage of the cloud.

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Why migrate your Windows workloads to AWS?

Migrating Windows workloads to the cloud has many advantages, from improved security and performance, to enabling product innovation and improving time-to-market. AWS supports everything you need to build and run Windows applications, including Windows Server, Active Directory, .NET, System Center, SQL Server, and more.

Reduced Security Risk

As cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated, it’s important to ensure that your workloads are secure and running on the latest versions. AWS offers easy upgrade paths and over 200 security, compliance, and governance services to make sure you stay secure.

Improved Compliance

With 89 security standards and compliance certifications, AWS is a leader in compliant workloads. Combined with our 24×7 managed services and deep compliance expertise, you can be sure that your environments will always meet the latest industry standards for compliance.

A Better Experience

There’s a reason AWS hosts more Windows workloads than any other cloud provider. As an AWS Advanced Partner, we can provide a proven framework and powerful features to make migration or modernization seamless, regardless of what Windows versions you’re running.

Lower Ownership Cost

Running Windows on AWS gives you total control over your resource usage and licensing, and can provide significantly lower TCO compared to running workloads on-premises. It also reduces financial overhead from maintaining servers, and eliminates the risk of paying a premium for end-of-support events.

Example use cases for Windows migration

Here are a few of the ways you can use AWS for your Windows workloads.

End-of-Support Migration

50-60% of on-premises Windows workloads are running on unsupported versions of Windows. Many of these workloads can be moved to AWS and updated to run on the latest Windows Server without any code changes, so you can avoid the risks associated with maintaining end-of-life platforms.


SQL Server on AWS

There are a variety of options for migrating Windows SQL server to AWS to take advantage of the increased functionality, scale, and reliability of the cloud. You can continue to run SQL Server on EC2, migrate to a managed database like Amazon RDS, or modernize your databases with a variety of supported database engines.


Application Modernization

Moving your Windows workloads to the cloud opens up new possibilities for development, and gives you access to the latest technologies like Deep Learning AMI for Windows Server, production support for Kubernetes, and a fully managed native-Windows file system in the cloud.


Microsoft Products on AWS (SharePoint, Exchange)

AWS can also provide improved the availability and performance of your on-premises Windows services like SharePoint and Exchange and enable you to resize resources based on demand for compute or storage, and take advantage of multiple Availability Zones to improve access to services.

Our proven migration process

We'll take you through your migration process with confidence. We know that no two cloud migration projects are alike, so we always start with a discussion around your challenges and requirements, working on a strategy together.


We’ll provide an in-depth assessment of your environment and application dependencies along with a proposed plan, methodology, cost and timeline.


We’ll create a minimal disruption plan for your migration, and determine the best combination of tools and professional services for your needs.


After extensive testing, we’ll execute the migration plan and provide up-to-date status during each migration phase, ensuring a seamless go-live event.


After your migration, we can provide full suite of 24×7 managed services to make sure your AWS environments are always secure, reliable, and fully optimized.

Modernization made easy

Package your legacy applications to run on newer Windows Server versions without any code changes.

As advanced AWS Windows partners, we can provide a comprehensive, low-lift solution for migrating your legacy applications to a supported version of Windows Server on AWS.

Using AWS EMP, an exclusive tool set only available to select AWS partners, we’ll conduct an application assessment, package your application for modern OS compatibility, and deploy your application on a supported version of Windows Server running in AWS.

The benefits of modernizing your Windows applications with Connectria

Decouple your legacy application from the underlying OS, so you can continue to run legacy applications into the future.

Improve security and performance by running your software on the latest platform.

Ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Reduce operational costs associated with refactoring or recoding.

Eliminate extended support costs for EOL Windows versions.

Save up to 20% on your AWS migration*.

*Qualifying migrations will be eligible for AWS usage credits after completing a Windows workload migration with Connectria.

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Why choose Connectria for your Windows to AWS migration?


Companies around the world rely on our managed services to keep mission critical infrastructure up and running at top performance.


Successful migrations for our commercial and public sector clients.


Net Promoter Score, more than 3x the industry average

Helping businesses focus on innovation instead of infrastructure

“Working with Connectria and AWS has allowed us to bring the focus back to product development. At this point, we barely think about infrastructure. We don’t worry about it and that’s gotten us about 80% of our time back to focus on our customers and the products we build.”

Raj Cherry VP of Technology & Architecture
Triumph Learning

“Connectria is undeniably one of the leaders within the managed AWS market. Not many vendors can do what they do.”

Patrick McCollum CEO
ATSG Corporation

“We could just tell security and compliance was at the core of what Connectria was doing, they understood it, it was how they built their own cloud platform and they applied that same knowledge and experience to AWS.”

Brad Remier CIO

“From a company standpoint, partnering with Connectria allows us to move faster and be more responsive to our customers, which increases our customer’s satisfaction.”

William White Co-founder and CTO

“Their people are extremely talented, and we really enjoy working with them. When we call, we never get the grumpy IT guy that seems to be so common elsewhere.”

Alicia Hart Executive Director of Technology Services

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