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For decades, leading companies have trusted IBM with their mission-critical applications and vital data. In the event of a disaster, minimizing data loss and downtime is vital. Connectria’s Disaster Recovery Solutions designed specifically for IBM workloads give you peace of mind in an uncertain world.

Protect Business Continuity

Prepare for multiple contingencies and ensure your plans keep pace with your business.

Retain Compliance

Ensure not only data integrity, but also accessibility to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and more

Ensure Productivity

Provide quick access to systems and data so your team can get back to serving customers as soon as possible.

Strengthen Security

Minimize disruptions and recover quickly from an event such as a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.


Let Us Design a Solution for You

Connectria’s proven DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) solutions take the worry out of disaster planning. We can design a customized solution that meets your recovery objectives for your IBM workloads as well as those housed on other platforms.

All of our DRaaS solutions include:

  • implementations performed by Connectria’s skilled engineers
  • 24×7 continuous monitoring
  • annual failover testing
  • 24×7 support staffed by engineers located in St. Louis, Missouri

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“We had a disaster recovery plan before bringing in Connectria, but since partnering with them, we’ve become more disciplined in our approach. We’ve also been able to broaden the number of people internally who understand what needs to be done in the event of a disaster.”

Brian White, Sr. Manager of Applications and Product Management, Red Gold Tomatoes

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“We’ve been working with IBM i systems almost since the beginning, and we offer a broad portfolio of services. But when it comes to managing disaster recovery, we really needed someone who could back us up. We created a relationship with Connectria several years ago and were confident they fit the bill …”

Chris Diamond, Sales Representative, Dynamix

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Get a Solution Customized to Your Needs

We’ll house your disaster recovery environment in one of our SOC 2 certified data centers, with a tailored solution designed to meet your recovery objectives and budget.

Highly Available

Mission critical applications often require a highly available (HA) replication process. At Connectria we use trusted, proven solutions, such as MIMIXTM, to ensure the lowest recovery time and the least data loss.

Fast Recovery

SAN-to-SAN replication offers a similar recovery time, without the additional cost of logical replication software. In addition, the DR LPAR (logical partition) does not need to be “live” to receive the replicated data.

Highly Cost Effective

For workloads that don’t need HA replication, we’ll create a vault in one of our data centers that can be restored in the event of a disaster. This approach works great for sensitive data that may not need to be accessed immediately.

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