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When security and compliance are top priorities, many IT leaders turn to IBM Power Systems. Known for their robust reliability, processing power, and stability, IBM i, AIX, and Linux on Power are also a great choice when you need to comply with HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, FERPA, or any one of the hundreds of other industry or local regulations and standards.


Trust Your Data to Us

Tired of the high costs of maintaining your on-premises systems, but don’t want to give up the IBM platform? We can host your systems and data in one of our SOC II compliant data centers on the very latest IBM i or IBM AIX hardware and operating systems.

Managed Compliance

We’ll help you safely and securely migrate your workloads and then manage them according to your compliance requirements. In the event of an audit, we’ll be right there with you to help you demonstrate compliance to the auditors.


Compliance and security go hand in hand, and IT security is a top priority in everything we do. We use both automated systems as well as certified security engineers to proactively detect and respond to threats to your data, 24X7.

Physical Security

It’s easy to overlook, but physical security is an essential component of compliance. Each of our data centers is monitored 24X7 by trained security personnel as well as state-of-the-art surveillance and access-control systems.

Compliance Services for Your On-Premises Systems

There are many reasons you might choose to keep your IBM systems on-premises. Whatever your reasons, our remote monitoring and management services can help you adhere to even the most stringent security and compliance requirements.

If there is an audit from the federal government, we’d feel confident. We don’t view Connectria as merely a hosting company….they’re our partner.”

~ Mason Rothert Co-founder and CEO

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“Connectria has exceeded our expectations. Their expert remote management has helped us streamline and automate our processes, delivering tangible savings. Since Connectria has partnered with us, our relevant admin costs are a third of what they were.”

~ Eric Hanson Director of IT Services

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Connectria has exceeded our expectations. Their expert remote management has helped us streamline and automate our processes, delivering tangible savings.

Eric Hanson Milwaukee Electric Tool 

We depend upon Connectria’s high level of System i hosting services and uptime as a critical component to our solution & success.

Paul Sarrapy Grupo Porteo 

Connectria is so good at what they do, they make hosting complex environments seem easy.

Tad Wharram MTG

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