AIX Hosting (System p Hosting / pSeries Hosting)

iseries hosting The IBM AIX platform is an integrated environment with a nearly 30-year reputation for exceptional security and business resilience. Connectria will support your AIX Hosting needs whether you require IBM's System p technology running AIX 7, or legacy IBM pSeries systems running earlier AIX versions (v6.1 and above). Connectria only provides AIX hosting for production environments.

Our AIX services include:

IBM AIX dedicated hosting and IBM AIX Cloud Servers:

  • Our AIX (pSeries - System p) server(s) located in our Data Center. We manage it.
  • Your AIX (pSeries - System p) server(s) located in our Data Center. We manage it.

IBM AIX Remote Monitoring & Administration:

  • Your AIX (pSeries - System p) server(s) located in your Data Center. We manage it remotely.

While many of our customers choose a dedicated IBM AIX solution for their business critical production environments, the IBM AIX Cloud solution is an attractive option for those seeking cloud benefits including flexibility, scalability, on-demand capacity and attractive pricing.

We have customers that run single or dozens of IBM System p or pSeries servers. Typical environments may include Network Install Manager (NIM) for rapid backup and deployment, PowerHA (formerly High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing or HACMP), and multi-platform environments using IBM's PowerVM technology (which runs AIX, Linux and System i on the same server platform using IBM's virtualization and logical partition (LPAR) technology).

Some of our AIX Hosting customers include Kenan Advantage Group, 3M, Nebraska Book, Ansell, and Sybase among many others. With over 1,000 customers worldwide, our 24/7 Operations Staff supports business-critical AIX systems in some of the world's most demanding environments. Connectria has built a unique business model that allows us to cost‑effectively provide customized managed AIX Hosting Solutions that meet each client's unique requirements.

The benefits of using Connectria to provide AIX Hosting are:

  • Expert Support - Connectria's engineers have been supporting complex AIX systems since 1998 in both mission critical and disaster recovery environments for customers worldwide. We are a 3-time IBM Beacon Award winner, and a subcontractor to IBM Global Services.
  • Cost-Effective - Connectria will provide your IBM System p or pSeries platform(s) using new or used equipment, and we will host your existing system(s) if you prefer. This allows you to access a robust, secure, redundant infrastructure without a significant upfront investment and enables you to treat your AIX environment as an operating expense.
  • Customized Support - Connectria will implement a customized support program along with customized escalation procedures to meet your specific support needs. Connectria's 24/7 support staff will ensure that your systems are well supported, backed up and recoverable so your business is protected.
  • 24/7 Online Access & Support - Connectria's AIX Hosting solutions include access to our Customer Portal that allows for monitoring of systems, resources, and data, along with access to support requests and reporting services.

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