IBM i (iSeries - AS/400) Disaster Recovery Services

Establish a proven, time-tested business continuity plan

iseries hosting In considering potential risks from a true disaster, you must decide how long of an outage your business can withstand. Not all DR plans are the same. The ultimate decision is:

  1. Are you going to pay to have reserved compute resources available very quickly? OR
  2. Can you avoid paying for reserved compute resources, scramble to get systems shipped to a disaster recovery site, and then bring everything back on line?

Connectria provides managed hosting services for hundreds of IBM i environments to customers all around the globe. Many of our customers run mission-critical applications on i infrastructure due to its legendary reliability and performance. Unfortunately, even this platform is still susceptible to natural, accidental or even deliberate disasters making a DR plan extremely important.

Connectria has developed 3 distinct IBM i DR plans to address various Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) requirements. All include continuous monitoring and 24/7 support from our world-class network operations centers. For information on pricing and detailed plan specifications please contact us.

MIMIX Replication: Constant Replication (quickest recovery)

For mission critical applications with a RTO and a RPO of only a couple of hours we recommend using a highly available (HA) replication process. At Connectria we typically use MIMIX replication software although there are other alternatives such as iTera. This option provides the quickest recovery times as data is being constantly replicated across the wire to our DR site.

SAN-to-SAN Replication (quick to moderate recovery)

SAN-to-SAN (S2S) replication offers a solution with similar RTO and RPO as logical replication, without the additional cost of logical replication software. Some of the advantages of S2S replication are: 1) no logical replication software licenses are required, 2) the DR LPAR does not need to be “live” to receive the replicated data, 3) Connectria has a price advantageous “DR Bundle” for our IBM i Cloud customers. It should be noted that this solution requires that both the production and the disaster recovery IBM i server be operating on the same type of external storage array. In addition, the process utilized to recover dirty blocks is inherent in the OS/DB2 recovery routines that are part of the “i” OS. This means that any blocks that need to be recovered or backed out are cleaned up via the DB2 recovery techniques/routines. This results in an IPL that is slightly longer than a standard IPL but certainly within scope of most DR plans.

Vault Archive: Periodic Daily Replication (moderate recovery)

Another option is a vault archive. In this scenario the production iSeries would be located at a customer’s data center and send periodic daily changes to a vault in Connectria’s data center. If a customer were to declare a disaster we would be able to take that vault and restore it to an iSeries at our data center. With this option the RPO is usually around 24 hours while the RTO would really depend on what data would be on the vault and the difference from the time it left the production site and when it was received at our vault.

SSAE 18 Certified Data Centers

All of Connectria’s data centers are SSAE 18 SOC I and SOC II certified which enables our customers to host environments that require compliance with HIPAA, PCI, or SOX regulations.

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