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Relentless Security™ is a mindset instilled in our entire company. We constantly look for vulnerabilities and we continually find ways to better protect our customers' servers and data as if it is our own. And our commitment to security is recognized. Connectria is a proud member of SkyHigh's CloudTrust Program, which objectively rated the security controls of Connectria's Cloud Services its highest designation of "Enterprise Ready."

skyhigh enterprise ready Skyhigh Networks performs objective and thorough evaluations of the enterprise-readiness of cloud service based on a detailed set of criteria developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Services designated as Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready are the services receiving the highest CloudTrust™ Ratings, which fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

Connectria's Security Architecture

Connectria utilizes a two-tier security architecture. The first tier of the architecture is implemented by redundant perimeter firewalls, based on the Cisco Secure IOS. The firewall protects against malicious hacking attempts and Denial of Service attempts. The second tier of the security architecture is implemented by the use of private, non-routable IP address spaces. In the unlikely event the firewall is breached, the servers behind the firewall cannot route traffic to the Internet. Connectria also provides Virus Scanning, Network-based Intrusion Detection, and Server-based Intrusion detection as part of our Enhanced Hosting Services, at additional costs.


Connectria monitors multiple channels of information in order to stay atop of the ever-changing security environment. Some of the sources utilized include CERT, BugTraq, Microsoft Security Bulletins and other vendor sites. Additionally, Connectria works with our Internet Service Providers to identify and respond to security challenges on the Internet.


In the event of a security notice, Connectria will review the notice and determine the criticality. If the notice is deemed to present a serious threat to our clients, the work-around or patches will be immediately implemented after approval from our clients. All notices are logged in our GWI change management and trouble ticketing system.

Physical Security

Connectria maintains physical security to our facilities by limiting access to the buildings where our data centers are housed as well as to the physical data centers within those buildings. All data centers are protected by multiple layers of security including multiple layers of electronic building & facility access secured by magnetic locks, 24/7 onsite-personnel, monitored and recorded closed-circuit television, person-traps, and mandatory identity logging of all outside visitors. Read more on physical data center security.

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